Improving Your IVF Journey Through Innovation

15th March 2017 in IVF

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Coping with infertility and struggling to conceive can be stressful – but we believe your treatment journey shouldn’t be.

At Manchester Fertility it’s our aim to make your path to parenthood as informed and stress-free as we can, leaving you free to focus on getting yourself fertility fit and ready for your new family.

Significant investment in our patient services has seen us introduce new electronic ways of working, to ensure an expertly co-ordinated and highly -efficient treatment experience that gives you your best chance of pregnancy.

Patient innovations that help improve your IVF journey with us include:

Engaged MD: Electronic consent

EngagedMD not only helps you to understand and learn about your specific treatment, it tracks and collects your electronically-signed consent forms - a vital part of your treatment documentation. With less time spent on paperwork and a more efficient process, we can put all our focus on helping you have a baby.

Electronic Witnessing

Electronic Witnessing is our state-of-the-art Laboratory ‘track and trace’ system, which helps minimise the potential risk of mix-ups with test samples, eggs, embryos and sperm. It provides further reassurance above the manual witnessing required by the HFEA’s Code of Practice.

When you start your treatment, a special electronic tag and barcode is applied to any test samples, sperm, eggs or embryos belonging to or allocated to you. The system matches up barcodes during all procedures, so that only those which have the same unique barcode can be used in your treatment.

Your own personal Patient Portal

Your private patient portal gives you full and instant access to your treatment path and its progress, from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

An individual secure online treatment tracker, you can see all your reports, letters, documents and correspondence relating to your treatment anytime you want. You can also request specific appointment dates and times, making communication between you and our clinic team speedy and efficient.

Zoom consultations for your convenience

We understand it’s not always convenient to come into the clinic, so we offer Zoom consultations with our fertility specialists and clinic staff. This is especially useful for the many patients we help who don’t live in the North West region, or who travel to us from abroad.

Online consultations mean you can benefit from our fertility expertise and patient-focused approach no matter where you live, with a streamlined treatment process that works around you and your circumstances.

The Manchester Fertility difference

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