Older women have same chance of IVF success as younger women thanks to Embryoscope

21st October 2014 in News

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Technology and techniques can have a big impact on whether your IVF cycle is successful or not, and our latest EmbryoScope pregnancy results show that if you’re an older woman needing IVF you have the same chance of successful IVF as younger IVF patients if you opt for EmbryoScope.

Our current data shows there is an overall 12% increase in pregnancy rates - clinical pregnancies only, confirmed by fetal heartbeat via ultrasound - for all of our patients when their embryo was selected via the EmbryoScope, compared to those whose embryos were selected using standard embryo selection techniques.

By using EmbryoScope for embryo selection, patients across all age groups at Manchester Fertility have a current pregnancy rate of 42-44%, including women who are using donor eggs. The uplift we are seeing from our EmbryoScope innovation is in line with published studies about the effect of EmbryoScope monitoring on IVF treatment.

So what is EmbryoScope, and how does it work? The time-lapse EmbryoScope is basically a special incubator, that gives our embryology team detailed information about every stage of your embryos development. This information is merged to create a video showing the cell growth and changes of every embryo placed in the incubator, allowing our team to choose the best embryos for transfer.

EmbryoScope has proven success in increasing pregnancy rates following IVF/ICSI, because only embryos which have the right development are transferred.

If your treatment involves the development of embryos, then EmbryoScope monitoring is available to you. It’s an optional part of your treatment, your embryos do not need to be of a specific ‘grade’ or quantity to be eligible for time-lapse.

If you decide not to elect to use EmbryoScope, it doesn’t mean your cycle will fail. We have many years of success in helping people to have a family, before EmbryoScope technology was even developed. Our state-of-the-art incubators are the ones which the EmbryoScope is based on, and our embryology team is highly skilled at selecting the best embryos to transfer. EmbryoScope has simply given our team much more detailed information than was available before.

EmbryoScope costs £650 and can be added to your treatment schedule. We have slots available now, and have recently upgraded our EmbryoScopes to the very latest improved models, so if you are planning to have IVF/ICSI in Cheshire, Manchester or Liverpool, you do not have to wait to secure a slot with us at Manchester Fertility.

For more details about EmbryoScope, read our FAQs. Read more here about the latest technologies and techniques we use to help you have your family.

Last updated: 20th January 2020