IVF timelapse monitoring in Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool: No waiting list for patients

21st May 2014 in IVF

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Did you know that our new time-lapse EmbryoScope monitoring technology is available to all patients?

If your treatment involves the development of embryos, then your embryos can be placed in the time-lapse incubator. It’s an optional part of your treatment, your embryos do not need to be of a specific ‘grade’ or quantity to be eligible for time-lapse.

Time-lapse EmbryoScope technology is new breakthrough technology that gives our embryology team detailed information about every stage of your embryos development. This information is merged to create a video showing the cell growth and changes of every embryo placed in the incubator, allowing our team to choose the best embryos for transfer.

EmbryoScope has proven success in increasing pregnancy rates following IVF/ICSI, because only embryos which have the right development are transferred. 

However, if you decide not to elect to use EmbryoScope, it doesn’t mean your cycle will fail. We have many years of success in helping people to have a family, before EmbryoScope technology was even developed. Our state-of-the-art incubators are the ones which the EmbryoScope is based on, and our embryology team is highly skilled at selecting the best embryos to transfer. EmbryoScope has simply given our team much more detailed information than was available before.

EmbryoScope costs £650 and can be added to your treatment schedule. We have slots available now, so if you are planning to have IVF/ICSI in Cheshire, Manchester or Liverpool, you do not have to wait to secure a slot with us at Manchester Fertility.

For more details about EmbryoScope, read our FAQs. Read more here about the latest technologies and techniques we use to help you have your family.

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