Manchester Fertility at The Fertility Show

28th March 2017 in News

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Did you attend last weekend’s Fertility Show in Manchester? Thanks to everyone who took the opportunity to come and chat to us.

We had the privilege of meeting so many people looking for advice on starting their family at the two-day event, where we offered show visitors a unique and welcoming experience.

With clinic tours through Virtual Reality headsets, an open forum Q&A area and expert seminars from our Medical Director Dr David Polson and Consultant Gynaecologist Dr Raj Mathur, the Manchester Fertility experience was designed to help and inform anyone about to take that first tentative step of fertility treatment.

Our most popular treatment enquiry over the weekend was IVF with donor eggs, for which we have no waiting list, and treatments using donor sperm.

Our friendly teams from our Semovo national donor sperm bank and award-winning Manchester Donors egg donor programme were on hand to answer any questions about our donors.

Our seminars on improving the odds of IVF working for you and treating women with reduced ovarian reserve were a particular highlight for people looking for specialist advice at the event, which attracted fertility clinics and companies from right across the UK.

We had a great time at The Fertility Show – it was the first time it has come to Manchester - and we hope it was helpful to all those trying to decide which clinic and route to parenthood is right for them.

If you’re considering starting fertility treatment, we know how important it is to be as informed as you can be about your options. So if there’s anything we can help you with, or anything you need to ask, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to advise.

If you couldn’t attend the show but want to know more about our personalised and patient-focused approach to your fertility journey, why not book in for a private free one-to-one with a Patient Advisor?

It’s a non-medical, informal and friendly no obligation session where you can ask us any questions about our treatments, fertility services and how we can help you have your baby.

Contact us on 0161 300 2737 or book your session here. You can also request a copy of our brochure. We’ll see you all at next year’s Fertility Show Manchester!


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