Increasing your chances of IVF success: Embryoscope, Embryoglue and other innovations

27th January 2015 in IVF

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Your chances of IVF success are influenced by many things, often that you can’t control. But at Manchester Fertility there are things we can influence, and we’ve invested in the very latest technology and techniques that boost IVF outcomes, so you have the best chance of pregnancy. 

Before you even start your IVF cycle we can offer you Endometrial Scratching, a simple procedure done at the start of your treatment that changes the way your endometrial lining grows. Studies have shown it makes your lining more receptive to embryos that are later transferred, helping them to implant. 

When your eggs have been retrieved and fertilised, your resulting embryos can be placed in our state-of-the-art EmbryoScope time-lapse incubators. These special incubators allow your embryos to develop completely undisturbed, continuously photographed as they do so. The resulting time-lapse video shows us all the crucial cell stages that are needed for a healthy embryo, ensuring that only your best quality embryos are chosen for transfer.

EmbryoScope is proven to help increase IVF success rates, and at Manchester Fertility we’ve seen an overall 12% increase in pregnancy rates for patients who’ve used EmbryoScope as part of their treatment, giving us a consistent success rate of 42-44% across all age groups, including older women who typically have lower chances of success.

If your embryos are suited to be developed to Blastocyst stage, then this is carried out free of charge for all our patients. Blastocysts are embryos that are allowed to develop for longer in our laboratory, reaching an advanced cell stage. Not all embryos develop to Blastocyst stage, so those that do are good quality for transfer.

When it’s transfer time, your embryos are dipped into a special solution called EmbryoGlue just before the transfer procedure. EmbryoGlue acts like a glue to help your embryo stick to your uterus, containing high amounts of naturally occurring molecules and fluids that you’d find in your own body during natural pregnancy, including when an embryo implants. EmbryoGlue is used free of charge also for all of our patients. 

Our continuous programme of investment means that we’re always looking at new ways to help our patients. But we only ever offer proven, evidence-based products and procedures, so you can be sure that what we recommend really can help your chances of success. 

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