Telling donor-conceived children where they come from

18th April 2013 in Treatments

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The increase in the use of donor sperm and donor eggs to help people have a family has led to more facing the issue of how to explain to their child how they came to arrive into the world.

At Manchester Fertility this topic is something we discuss as part of the counselling we offer to those who need to use donor sperm or donor eggs to have a family - whether they are a single woman, women in a same-sex relationship, those who need a donor egg because of their age or diagnosis or men who have sperm problems and can’t use their own.

Our team of counsellors are highly-skilled at ensuring those who decide to use donor eggs or sperm for their family have a thorough understanding of the issues they can face not just now, but in the future, so they are prepared and comfortable with the choice to use a donor. Such as how any existing child you already have may feel about their donor-conceived brother or sister, and how that child may feel growing up when they become aware that their parentage is different.

In America, they take a rather more open approach, and in fact several children’s books have now been published which explain to children in the guise of a story book just how they came to be born. Some cover the use of donor sperm, some a donor egg, and others look at surrogacy. Here in the UK, Donor Conception Network publish similar books for donor-conceived children.

In this world where increasing numbers of families are now made in a different way, it’s good to see that attitudes towards using donor eggs or sperm is becoming more open.

We do recommend that any children are told sooner, rather than later, where they came from. Our team of counsellors gives guidance to our patients about how to approach this issue with sensitivity, when the time is right. 

So please be reassured that if you do need donor eggs or sperm to have your family, we are here to help you through it every step of the way. For details on the treatments we offer using donor eggs or donor sperm, click here


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