Is infertility a taboo topic?

8th February 2013 in Advice

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It can be hard enough having to come to terms with the fact that having a baby isn’t going to be as easy as you thought, but is infertility a taboo topic when it comes to talking about it with family and friends?

Talking about infertility can be a hard subject to broach, especially if it seems all your friends and indeed other family members are having children with no problems. You share in their happy baby news, but always wonder…when will it be us? And often, as so many of our patients tell us, they don’t feel they can share what they’re going through, even with their closest family members.

They don’t feel anyone can possibly understand how it feels to need medical help to have a child, something which comes so naturally to so many and which so many people just take for granted.

And so they just don’t say anything, sometimes even starting treatment is kept secret, until they too can reveal some happy baby news. Of course, feeling and acting this way makes going through infertility treatment even harder to cope with. It’s such a personal, intense journey full of ups and sadly also downs, but at Manchester Fertility we make sure you don’t travel the long road alone.

You will always be offered counselling with our experienced team when you begin your treatment. Our team have helped many couples over the years through their treatment, and although you may feel embarrassed about talking to someone you don’t really know, our team truly does understand how you may be feeling. Your confidential sessions are a time when you can truly talk about everything and anything without fear of judgement, even things you don’t want to discuss with your partner for fear of adding to their own strain.

Our nursing team are also here to help you at any time, providing an essential listening ear. We have said it before, and we reinforce it again – you are never just a patient to us, and you will never be ‘bothering us’ with your questions or concerns. We are here to not only give you a family, but to make that journey to a family as easy, and stress-free, as we can.

Please come and see us if you’re thinking of beginning infertility treatment this year, remember we welcome patients from all over the region – from Cumbria, Lancashire, right through to Merseyside, Cheshire, Derbyshire and beyond. There is no ‘criteria’ here which you have to meet- unless you wish to egg -share or be asperm or egg donor - and we have no waiting lists for our treatments, even those with donor eggs. Find out why so many people travel so far, and trust us, to help them become parents. Book in for ourpersonal one-to-one here.

Last updated: 20th January 2020