How did you feel about needing infertility treatment?

24th April 2012 in General

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What were your feelings when you realised that having a baby wouldn’t be as easy as you expected? Frustrated? Helpless? You’re not alone. A new survey conducted by researchers at Oxford University indicates that many couples are often unprepared for infertility and uninformed about their options.

Through interviews with both women and men aged between 25 and 40, it seems that many couples wished they had known the toll infertility treatment was going to take on them both physically and emotionally, along with the waiting and uncertainty of treatment.

The findings also highlighted the feelings of isolation during treatment – with many saying they felt unsure about revealing their infertility to family and friends. Some men in particular said they felt ‘sidelined’ and that attention was often focused on their partner.

This survey research reinforces our approach at Manchester Fertility. Since we first opened in 1986 we have always been a patient-focused clinic.

We are not a clinic which only accepts infertility cases which are easily overcome just to boost our success rates. Or one which selects patients who may need lots of expensive treatments with profits in mind. We only ever give you the best treatment for your needs, not ours.

We deeply care about your well-being from the moment you step through our doors. Our entire team – many of whom have been here since we first launched – celebrate when our patients become pregnant, and we all share the disappointment when treatment doesn’t go the way we all want it to.

Our counsellors are here to talk with you at any point during your journey with us, in confidence, and with many years experience in helping couples through the ups and downs of treatment, rest assured what you are feeling won’t be any surprise to us.

And when we say we are a shoulder to lean on, we mean it. It’s why one of our fertility nurses recently made it to the final of the national Claire Rayner Patient’s Choice Awards, where nominations are made by patients themselves to honour those who have gone ‘above and beyond’.

It is reported back to us again and again, often by people who have visited other clinics, that along with our consistent results across all age groups our friendly approach is one of the things which sets us apart.

And it’s one of the reasons, after over 25 years of helping people overcome infertility and welcoming almost 4,000 babies into the world, that we remain one of the most popular infertility clinics in the North of England.

Come and see for yourself at our next open evening.We’d love to see you and show you exactly why when you come to Manchester Fertility you become part of our family.

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