Egg-freezing in a flash - the new technique

11th April 2011 in Treatments

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Would you ever freeze your eggs? You may be wondering why you would want to. But plenty of women from Manchester and across the North West have contacted us about this treatment.

Egg-freezing can be done for medical reasons – because you’re about to go through treatment which could affect your fertility, such as chemotherapy – or social reasons, because you aren’t ready for children but want to know that when the time comes, your eggs will still be good enough to achieve pregnancy.

Egg-freezing has featured a lot in the media over recent days. This is largely because there’s been birth success from a new egg-freezing technique called vitrification. This is also known as ‘flash-freezing’ and through this method, eggs are quickly frozen to the right temperature. Previous techniques led to the formation of ice crystals in the egg, which affected its quality.

At Manchester Fertility, we offer the new vitrification, flash-freezing technique, giving you the chance to safeguard your future fertility.

Some have criticised this new treatment however, claiming it enables women to put motherhood on hold, perhaps opening the door to generations of 50-something mothers. But it’s important to remember that this technique, although improved over old methods, isn’t a fail-safe guarantee.

The chances of pregnancy are influenced by a number of factors. These include your age, the number of eggs removed, how successfully they survive the freeze-thaw process, how many are fertilised and how many quality embryos are available for transfer.

If you’re interested in egg-freezing, you can find out more in our treatments page or call us on 0161 300 2737.

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