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Additional Help

At Manchester Fertility we offer extra help to you if you need it to have a family. Sometimes infertility treatment alone isn’t the best solution, and so we have a range of additional services to help you have a baby.

Blastocyst transfer

A blastocyst is an embryo that has been allowed to develop for longer after fertilisation in our laboratory incubator. A blastocyst will look very different to an early stage embryo as the cells start to divide into two types - ones that will become the baby and the others which become the placenta. As the embryo is at an advanced stage, we can identify the best embryo to transfer which increases the chance for the embryo to implant. Our expert team of embryologists will advise on whether blastocyst transfer is suitable for you. Blastocyst transfers are offered at no extra cost to you.


We use a breakthrough product called EmbryoGlue for all our embryo transfers. Studies have shown that EmbryoGlue helps improve the chances of pregnancy following infertility treatment. Your embryos are placed into EmbryoGlue just prior to transfer and the high level of hyaluronan it contains helps the embryo to stick by increasing the adhesion of the embryo to the uterus. Hyaluronan is a natural substance in the body, which increases at the time of implantation. We do not charge you to use EmbryoGlue for your embryo transfer.

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