Why your reproductive health is so important

3rd November 2013 in Fertility

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Infertility Awareness Week has shone the spotlight on the importance of understanding your own fertility status.

For some, being told you need help to have a baby can come as a complete shock. You will naturally have assumed that having a baby would be simple, but after months of trying to conceive with no success, you’ve realised that getting pregnant isn’t as straightforward as you hoped.

When many patients finally come to us, they have spent many months researching possible reasons online why they are not getting pregnant. They may have sought help from their GP, or already had tests which show there is an issue.

Getting that all important diagnosis, and reason, for your inability to naturally conceive can be a relief. Being told that yes, there is a problem – but there is something which can be done to help – ends the months of uncertainty. You’re in our expert hands now, and our fertility specialists - some of the best in the UK - are here to personally help you have a baby.

Sadly, most people aren’t even aware they need help to have a baby until they begin trying. And this can continue for a year or more before they realise that actually, things aren’t happening as they should.

As Infertility Awareness Week ends, why not consider your own fertility status. Fertility testing is not invasive or time-consuming. Testing can be completed at our private infertility clinic in Cheshire for both you and your partner, with results and full consultation within a month.

Fertility testing is even more important if you’re over 35 and want a baby. The older you get, the more your eggs decline in quality. You may not be able to afford to spend the time trying to conceive without success. If a problem is identified now, you can seek treatment sooner rather than later.  Remember women aged 35-39 have higher success rates for IVF than women above this age.

If you are concerned about your fertility, please get in touch with us to discuss our Fertility MOT and Mini MOT testing for you and your partner.

Last updated: 20th January 2020