Are IVF success rates lower for ethnic women?

7th November 2013 in IVF

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Could your IVF success rate be influenced by your ethnicity? A new study has shown that Asian and African-Caribbean women are less likely to become pregnant than Caucasian women when undergoing infertility treatment.

The study, by Nottingham University, examined IVF success rates for over 1,500 women between 2006 and 2011. Live birth rates for women from ethnic communities was significantly lower, with 35 per cent giving birth following treatment compared to 44 per cent of Caucasian women.

There were also live birth differences between ethnicities, with rates at just over 21% for Middle East Asian women, 23% for African-Caribbean women and 38% for South East Asian women.

The results were despite all the women having a good prognosis for successful IVF, based on factors such as egg reserve.

Further studies are now needed say the researchers, to assess the effects that genetics, lifestyle and cultural factors amongst ethnic groups could have on IVF outcomes for people seeking treatment.

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What’s important to note about this latest study is that lifestyle factors can affect your fertility, regardless of ethnicity. Your BMI, your diet and your level of alcohol consumption and smoking are all factors that can influence your ability to conceive both through IVF and naturally. It’s important to ensure you are as healthy as you can be before embarking upon any infertility treatment.


Last updated: 20th January 2020