Treatment with Donor Sperm: Your FAQS

2nd December 2018 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Interested in treatment with donor sperm? With no waiting list for UK donor sperm from our own donor bank, you can start planning now to have a baby.

Our sperm bank manager, Joanne Adams, answers your latest FAQs about using a sperm donor, treatments and costs:

What is the first stage of treatment if I need a sperm donor?

You can come and have a free, no obligation chat to a Patient Advisor or attend one of our free Open Evenings. We will tell you about our sperm donors, treatment choices and how it works, including what happens at your consultation and counselling. It is a useful, informal way to explore using donor sperm to have a baby.

Will I need IVF with donor sperm, or can I have IUI?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ route to pregnancy when using donor sperm. Some women need IVF because they have underlying fertility issues which may make it harder to conceive through insemination. It is all about assessing which treatment is most likely to be successful for you, using the results of your initial fertility tests and taking into account other factors which matter, such as your age.

Your consultant will talk you through your treatment options, discussing your test results and success rates so you can make an informed decision.

How do I choose my sperm donor?

Once you are ready to begin treatment, you will be provided with donor choices from our donor bank, based on your preferred characteristics.

We also need to know if you may want to use the same donor for sibling use in future, so we offer donors with a good stock of sperm. When you have treatment with us, you can reserve sperm from your donor if your treatment is successful. We will guide you through the process so you understand how donor selection works.

What details will I be given about each donor?

You will be given his basic information, but all our donors also write a personal pen portrait, which is a detailed self-description. The pen portrait really helps you to build a connection with your donor.

Our sperm donors also write a personal message to the child you may have, knowing that your child will read it one day. It is a wonderful extra touch that is really valued by our patients.

These details help you in your choice, but it is very much a two-way process with our Donation Team.

We tend to find that preferences develop once donor profiles are given out. What most women want, above physical characteristics, is a donor who is friendly, interested and engaged in the process, and who is interested in the children they are helping to be born.

What has my sperm donor been told about what happens to his sperm?

All of our sperm donors are carefully and professionally counselled when they apply to be a sperm donor. Although UK clinics are required by law to offer counselling, donors do not actually have to take it up.

It is mandatory for our sperm donors however, so we can make sure they start the process completely and fully informed. When you choose one of our sperm donors, you have the reassurance that he understands the implications, including potential future contact from donor-conceived children.

Is treatment with donor sperm expensive? Is it cheaper abroad?

How much treatment costs depends on what type of treatment you have. Donor sperm insemination may need a number of cycles to be successful. At Manchester Fertility you do have different ways to fund treatment, including our new packages.

We do advise it is best to stay in the UK for fertility treatment, in particular treatment involving a donor, as donors are not just fully health screened here to very strict regulations, they are by law identifiable to children.

Genetic heritage really matters to donor-conceived people. You will give your child the chance in future to trace their biological heritage.

And by staying in the UK, you also have the reassurance of continuity of care, from a team that is experienced in helping women conceive with donor sperm and supports you every step of the way.

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Last updated: 14th February 2019