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Egg Sharing at Manchester Fertility

29th April 2010 in Fertility, IVF, Treatments


North West infertility clinic, Manchester Fertility is offering couples reduced rate IVF through a new scheme which aims to help women who need donor eggs.


The new egg-sharing programme is designed to help couples who need IVF but can’t afford private treatment. The programme gives them a subsidised rate for a cycle of IVF if they agree to donate some of their eggs collected during the IVF process, which are not being used for their own treatment, to other infertile women.


Professor Brian Lieberman, founder of Manchester Fertility, says: “There is currently a huge shortage of egg donors in the UK, and as such there are long waiting lists for women who can only conceive by using a donor egg.


“Our new egg sharing programme is designed to bring together those who need IVF and women who need a donor egg. We know that more people are turning to privately-funded IVF due to limited NHS funding. If women are willing to donate their eggs as part of the procedure, then we can help more infertile couples and they get cheaper IVF as a result of their donation.


“For many women, the use of a donor egg is their only hope of a baby. They may have suffered early menopause, or there may be an underlying genetic reason why they can’t use their own eggs. Or, simply, they may not be producing any eggs at all.”


Couples willing to donate eggs at Manchester Fertility will receive a cycle of private IVF treatment at a subsidised rate of £870.00 (usual price from £2,650).


To take part in the egg-sharing programme, women must be aged between 23 and 35 and the same rules apply as for general egg donors, including being willing to undergo screening tests and having no known serious medical problems. Couples will also receive full counselling on the implications of donating eggs from the specially-trained team at Manchester Fertility.


For more information about Manchester Fertility’ egg-sharing scheme, call 0161 300 2737 or visit our dedicated website www.manchesterdonors.com.

Last updated: 20th January 2020