Do you really need infertility treatment?

22nd January 2013 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

There was a recent article in the Daily Mail which focused on the case of a couple who, having spent an apparent £40,000 on failed IVF, then went onto conceive naturally. It implied then that, in this case at least, IVF was a perhaps a ‘cruel con’.

Undoubtedly articles such as this will cause concern if you are planning to undergo IVF. At Manchester Fertility we can reassure you that:

  • We always carry out through investigations before recommending a treatment plan, on both you and your partner. Dependent upon the route you have taken (whether self-referral or via your GP), you may have already undergone investigative tests which shows you have a fertility problem. Your  consultant will have a copy of these results from your referral and so will always have a full understanding of these before reaching any decisions about what will and won’t be the best option for  you.
  • No ethical or reputable IVF clinic will put a patient through IVF without there being a strong chance of it being a success. Here at Manchester Fertility we know the toll IVF can have on you and we share your disappointment if treatment doesn’t go the way we all want. We want to see successful pregnancies and many happy babies – not failed cycle after failed cycle. Remember that all clinics have to report the results of their treatments to the HFEA, so it is of no benefit to a clinic to report many failed cycles.
  • We only recommend treatment which we believe will work for you. We don’t push you into treatment to meet a different agenda, we only devise treatment plans in consultation with you, ensuring you understand completely what your treatment involves and why we think it could work for you. Every case we see is unique, so remember what has worked for one patient may not work for you. You’re individual, and so are your fertility needs.
  • We do not carry out what we consider to be ‘experimental’ procedures, we only offer treatment which has proven, evidence-based success.

Remember that IVF is not, and should never be, an automatic ‘go-to’ option. There are other treatments to try dependent upon your test results which we may recommend, such as intrauterine insemination. It all depends on what your test results show, for both you and your partner.

Our openness and  transparent approach to infertility treatment, combined with our consistent results, is why we have over 25 years of success. We  welcome patients not only from the North West but further beyond, from areas such as Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Yorkshire. We even see patients from the Isle of Man.

Our reputation speaks for itself, so if you want to find out more about us, why not book in for an informal, free ‘one-to-one’ with us? You can take a tour of our clinic and see why so many people trust us to help them have a family.

Last updated: 22nd January 2013