Do IVF clinics 'upsell'?

9th May 2013 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Infertility treatment sometimes isn’t as straightforward as a cycle of IVF. There can be alterations to a standard treatment protocol, for instance, if you need different drugs or doses because of your diagnosis. Or embryos may need to be transferred later, so we can see how they develop in our laboratory.

But are there instances when you are encouraged you to spend more on your treatment than needs be? Because, you are told by a consultant, that it really would give you a better chance of success?

Upselling treatments is not uncommon. Some clinics will readily offer you a Blastocyst transfer, which is when your embryos develop for longer in a laboratory before transfer. Or they will offer to place your embryos in a special monitoring incubator so they can watch them develop.

But then they will tell you that these ‘extras’ will cost you even more money on top of ‘standard’ treatment. So naturally you feel that you ought to go ahead with these ‘extras’ because you may just be increasing your chances of success that little bit more – and the thought that your cycle may fail because you didn’t opt for these is too much to bear.

Little wonder then that many believe some clinics exploit their patients, earning themselves more fees from vulnerable people who are likely to agree to just about anything, no matter what the cost, if it gives them a better chance of a baby.

At Manchester Fertility we believe in fair treatment for all. We don’t believe that only those who can afford to spend more on their IVF should be the ones who benefit from the latest technology or improved techniques. We offer Blastocyst transfers at no extra cost to you, when other clinics will charge you. We routinely use Embryo Glue – which studies have shown can help embryos implant – for all embryos in our laboratory, not just for those who can pay more.

If you do ever need additional treatments as part of your infertility journey, then these will explained in full to you along with associated benefits and costs, if there are any. We will never try to ‘upsell’ your treatment path if we don’t think it will have any benefit to you. We would only ever recommend additional treatments or changes to your protocol if they are right for your personal diagnosis and circumstances  - not our own.

We pride ourselves on our patient-focused approach. So why not come and meet us and find out why so many people trust us to help them have a family? Call our friendly team of Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2737 to book in for a free, informal one-to-one appointment.

Last updated: 8th May 2013