Rebecca and Martin

We initially contacted Manchester Fertility based on a recommendation of a friend who had a successful pregnancy. Following our difficult journey, where I felt I had lost all control, over the process, we were looking for somewhere where we felt that we were being listened to and treated as individuals. This was exactly what we got...from our first contact with the clinic; we knew we had made the right move.


Through the entire process, we felt like we were involved, and decisions were joint decisions, including our wishes and the medical recommendations. The support we both received was incredible, and knowing somebody was always there to answer questions, however trivial, particularly during the start of a pandemic, was a lifesaver when your mind was in overdrive.

We feel incredibly blessed to have Franchesca in our lives now and believe that without the help of Manchester Fertility that this dream would have been much harder, if not impossible, to achieve, and we cannot thank them enough for this.

Photography in this post courtesy of NC Hopes Photography.

June 2021