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News, views and advice from Manchester Fertility

  1. 17 Mar 2010

    Human egg raffle - should a child be the ultimate prize?

    Posted: 17 March 2010

    A London IVF clinic has sparked controversy this week by offering childless couples the chance to win an American donor egg of their choice. Paying egg donors for their eggs is illegal in the UK, but the clinic is offering the winner free treatment in America to sidestep existing European laws. The winner also gets to select an egg based on race, upbringing and education, even being able to look at photographs of donors as children to pick which they like the look of...

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  2. 16 Mar 2010

    The IVF Process - what will happen?

    Posted: 16 March 2010

    Now you know what fertility treatment you need, the next question is often ‘what happens next?’. Put simply, IVF is when your eggs are retrieved and fertilised in a laboratory with semen from your partner or a donor. The resulting embryos are then transferred into your uterus to begin growing as in a normal pregnancy...

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  3. 11 Mar 2010

    The maximum age to be an IVF mum

    Posted: 11 March 2010

    The BBC’s recent documentary, Too Old to Be a Mum? focused on the cases of three women around the world, aged 59, 63 and 70, who have recently had children through IVF. Then today - a story in the Daily Mail appeared regarding Karen Johnston, who had twins at aged 54. Clearly, thanks to the treatment, all of these women were not too old to be a mum...

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  4. 08 Mar 2010

    When is the right time to tell a donor conceived child where they came from?

    Posted: 08 March 2010

    If you need the help of donor sperm or a donor egg to have a baby, then one day you’re going to be faced with telling your children how they came to be born. It’s one of the many things we discuss with our patients during their counselling sessions. It’s not an easy question to answer. Is it a matter of choosing the ‘right age’ to tell them, so they will understand? Or is it a case of the sooner the better?...

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  5. 05 Mar 2010

    Asda IVF Drugs - Is it the supermarket steal it seems to be?

    Posted: 05 March 2010

    The news this week that supermarket chain ASDA is to sell IVF drugs at reduced rates might at first glance seemed to be the supermarket deal that hundreds of couples undergoing private IVF treatment have been waiting for. ‘ASDA to sell IVF drugs with £820 discount’ said the headlines, boasting that its pharmacies would be selling the IVF drugs at cost price, unlike other pharmacies who sell the drugs at a profit...

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  6. 01 Mar 2010

    Common types of Fertility Problems - what might be stopping you getting pregnant

    Posted: 01 March 2010

    At Manchester Fertility we see over 850 new patients a year. And each one of them will have differing medical reasons why they need infertility treatment. So what might be stopping you getting pregnant? Here are some of the most common fertility problems we see and treat. Remember that no obvious reason may be found to account for the delay in at least 1:3 couples (called “unexplained infertility”)...

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  7. 25 Feb 2010

    Stillbirth study - Are IVF babies more at risk?

    Posted: 25 February 2010

    A report out this week from a Danish hospital claims that if you’re pregnant with an IVF, ICSI or other assisted conception baby, then you’re four times as likely to have a stillbirth. It makes alarming reading and my worry is that it will cause unnecessary stress to many IVF and ICSI patients who have already been through enough just to get pregnant in the first place...

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  8. 25 Feb 2010

    ICSI Timebomb? Are IVF/ICSI babies more at risk of infertility, obesity and diabetes?

    Posted: 25 February 2010

    Many of my patients are only too aware of the emotional and physical toll infertility treatment has. So the thought that they may have passed on their infertility to any children born as a result of their treatment is understandably distressing. The very creator of the ICSI procedure, Dr Andre van Steirteghem, told a conference this week that children born through ICSI – which is where a single sperm is injected into to the egg, rather than it being mixed in a dish as per a standard IVF proce...

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  9. 24 Feb 2010

    How to choose the right fertility clinic for you

    Posted: 24 February 2010

    The decision to have a baby is one of the most important you’ll make in your life. But if you need help getting pregnant it’s even more of a big decision. Emotionally, and financially, you need to make sure you pick the right clinic for you. But how do you know who to choose, when every clinic is promising they will give you the best chance of getting pregnant?...

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  10. 23 Feb 2010

    Why can't we choose the sex of our baby?

    Posted: 23 February 2010

    A recent Channel 4 documentary, Eight Boys and Wanting a Girl, raised some interesting questions about whether people should be given the right to choose the sex of their child. In the UK, gender selection is not allowed if you simply want to balance your family out. Only in the most extreme medical circumstances – such as passing on a genetic disease that only affects boys – will it be considered....

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