Coping with the 'two-week wait' following IVF

19th November 2010 in Advice, IVF, Treatments

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The ‘two-week’ wait is a big topic of conversation in chatrooms and forums online for those going through IVF and infertility treatment.

This 14-day timeframe is the amount of time before a pregnancy can be confirmed following infertility treatment, usually by a blood test, but sometimes a home pregnancy test. So once the embryos have been transferred or you’ve had IUI, you have two weeks to wait before you will know if it has been successful.

It’s a tense, and nerve-wracking time for the many couples who come through our doors. Online forums offer plenty of advice from fellow ‘two-week waiters’ about how to distract yourself. But it’s hard to carry on as normal, when you’re wondering every day if any slight sick feeling is a hint that you may be pregnant, or any twinge is a sign it hasn’t worked. It’s all you can think about.

At Manchester Fertility, we know full well that IVF and infertility treatment is an emotional rollercoaster. It’s why we have such a great team of counsellors and staff who are here to help you through your journey.

Many of our patients who have been through the two-week wait say the best piece of advice they can give is to not put pressure on yourself. If the treatment works, it works. If not, there’s nothing you could have done differently.

Just make sure you seek support if you need it, whether that’s from our team, or people online going through the same as you. It can be incredibly reassuring to know you’re not alone, and that others fully understand why you may be feeling the way you do.

Last updated: 20th January 2020