A UK Fertility Clinic: Travelling for IVF Treatment

15th December 2017 in IVF

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If you need IVF or fertility treatment, how far are you prepared to go to access the best treatment?

Many of our patients at Manchester Fertility aren’t actually from Cheshire, Manchester or even the North West. As a private fertility clinic, we help anyone – from anywhere in the UK – to have a baby.

And we recently did just that for Ronnie and Sarah from Cumbria, who’ve welcomed their beautiful ‘miracle’ baby boy Aaron after successful treatment and care from our team.

They chose our clinic despite being over an hour away, as we not only offered the expertise they needed – Ronnie had a previous vasectomy and Sarah was 40 – we could also streamline their treatment journey to minimise travelling.

Making your IVF journey easy no matter where you live

Travelling from outside the area may seem daunting when you consider how many clinic visits are usually involved in IVF and fertility treatment, but you’ll be in safe and organised hands at Manchester Fertility.

Because so many patients do choose to travel to us thanks to our long-standing reputation for excellence and innovation in fertility care, we’re highly experienced at creating a treatment journey that fits in with your needs and lifestyle.

It’s all part of our bespoke approach. IVF and fertility treatment is always unique to you, not just in terms of medications and individual treatment path but also how and when everything happens if you’re coming from far away.

Do you need a referral?

Whether you’ve had IVF before privately or via the NHS, or have never had fertility treatment, we don’t need a referral to get you started.

You’ll begin completely fresh with us, starting with through fertility investigations for both of you.

Once we have your results, these are used – together with other influencing factors such as your age, lifestyle and medical history - to create an individual treatment plan that gives you the very best chance of a baby.

Manchester Fertility: Satellite clinics covering Yorkshire to Staffordshire

We also have a network of partner satellite fertility clinics across the North, enabling you to have treatment locally but still benefit from our expertise and innovations for the most crucial aspects of your treatment cycle.

Our partner clinics are: 

Get started with Manchester Fertility

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If you’d like our help too, speak to our friendly Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2737, we’re happy to help answer any questions.

Or self-refer online to become our patient and we’ll contact you.

You can also drop us an email: [email protected] and we’ll reply as quickly as we can with everything you need to know.

There’s no waiting list for fertility treatment or IVF at Manchester Fertility, including treatments usingUK donor sperm and UK donor eggs from our own donor programmes. So you can start planning for a baby straight away.

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