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Donor Sperm Insemination package FAQs

Who is the Donor Sperm Insemination (IUI) package offered by?

This package is created and offered by us, and not a third-party provider. We devised it to help patients who need to use donor sperm, but want the reassurance that they have more than one attempt at treatment if needed, all offered at a discounted rate. 

What happens if I get pregnant straight away?

The package is considered to be fulfilled when you have your baby (defined as a live birth) or all three cycles have been completed, even if unsuccessful. If you get pregnant straight away and have a live birth, there is no refund for any remaining cycles of treatment you have not used.

What happens if my first cycle isn’t successful?

If your first cycle is unsuccessful, you can begin a new cycle as soon as you are ready.

Can I use the same sperm donor for all my included cycles?

Whilst we cannot guarantee a sperm donor’s availability, we will always try to ensure that the same donor is available for all three of your included treatment cycles.

Find out more

Talk to our New Patient Coordinators to find out more about funding donor sperm insemination treatment with this package on 0161 300 2737.