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Frozen Donor Egg Multi-Cycle Package

The Frozen Egg Multi-Cycle Package provides our patients with cost-effective IVF treatment using donor eggs. This will give you up to two IVF cycles at a significantly reduced cost.

The Package is a great option if you are looking to save money on treatment and would like to make the most of our frozen UK donor egg bank.

What you get

The Package includes:

  • Up to two cycles of treatment, and all associated frozen embryo transfers
  • Guarantee of six eggs per cycle
  • ICSI and embryo culture
  • Time-lapse EmbryoScope Monitoring
  • Medications for each cycle
  • Extensive choice of UK egg donors – personally matched to you
  • Detailed donor profiles with a pen picture and goodwill message


The Package is open to Manchester Fertility patients aged 49 and under and using donor eggs in their treatment.

The Benefits

  • Peace of mind that you have multiple chances to conceive
  • Significant savings compared to paying for the same treatment and inclusions individually
  • Quicker treatment than using a fresh donor, with no delay from cycle synchronisation
  • No worry about egg donor stimulation – eggs have been successfully retrieved
  • No waiting list for treatment

Any good quality embryos that remain from your treatment can be frozen, so there’s opportunity for you to have further treatment in the future.

Find Out More

Any fertility treatment can be daunting and choosing an egg donor is a very personal decision. Our Donation Team can provide detailed advice and help answer any questions you may have. Our dedicated team are available on 0161 300 2734.

Why not book a free one-to-one appointment? Click here to request your own private chat with one of our Advisors.


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