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Do you have to wait to have treatment with donor sperm in Manchester?

18th August 2016 in Treatments

If you live in Manchester or Cheshire and want to have a baby with the help of a sperm donor, you may assume that you have a long delay ahead of you – firstly to wait for a consultant appointment, and then for donor sperm to actually become available for you.

But at Manchester Fertility, there is no waiting list for appointments or donor sperm. You don’t have to wait weeks to see one of our expert and friendly fertility consultants. And you don’t have to wait for us to secure donor sperm for you:

Donor Sperm Insemination: Immediate appointments

We have appointments available now for donor sperm insemination, with donor sperm ready for you from a choice of UK-based sperm donors, who donate exclusively to our clinic.

No waiting list for UK donor sperm

We don’t believe that needing to use donor sperm should mean that people are penalised with long waits to even start the treatment process.

Our recruitment of our own sperm donors is so successful, we’re one of the only private fertility clinics in the UK to have no waiting list for donor sperm, with no need to routinely import sperm from abroad, which many other clinics do.

Choice of treatments using donor sperm

You have a choice of treatments using donor sperm at Manchester Fertility – either donor sperm insemination, or IVF/ICSI with donor sperm. Your fertility consultant will decide following initial tests which treatment gives you the highest chance of success.

Choosing your sperm donor

You can then choose your sperm donor from our sperm donor bank. Just tell our dedicated Donation Team what characteristics you’d like your sperm donor to have, from physical appearance, hobbies to ethnicity, and we’ll aim to match you with at least two sperm donors who fit the criteria you’re looking for.

Counselling & support

You’ll also receive counselling about the implications of using donor sperm, to ensure you understand your rights, those of your sperm donor and the rights of your child as he or she grows, including their right to find out who their sperm donor is.

And every step of the way, you’ll be supported by our Patient Advisors, Nurses, Consultants and Donation Team, so no matter what your circumstances, you’re taken care of at every stage.

Start your journey today

We help many people to have a family using donor sperm – single women, same-sex couples, couples with male fertility issues. If you’d like our expertise and support to have a baby, make you appointment to get started straight away on 0161 300 2737 or apply online.


Last updated: 17th August 2016