Who is TwoDadsUK®?

TwoDadsUK originally started as an Instagram account, founded in January 2017. Joint founders, Mike and Wes, created their brand after they were inspired by their own personal experience with surrogacy. Since their founding, they have worked to educate the public, and their following, about the surrogacy process and same-sex parenting.

Today, TwoDadsUK is a widely recognised brand within the fertility sector, as it supports the HFEA, the NHS, and the private sector with its unique partnerships. Michael and Wes, founders of TwoDadsUK, play an active role in raising awareness around UK surrogacy and have been involved in the UK surrogacy law reform since 2017.

Our Partnership

At Manchester Fertility, we passionately support the LGBTQ+ community through outreach, participation in LGBTQ+ Pride events, and our informed and caring treatments. We have a growing number of patients from within the LGBTQ+ community. 

Towards the end of 2021, recognising the growing demand for surrogacy in the UK (parental orders, an order required for surrogacy to become a legal parent, rose by 63% from 2014 to 2021), we began a new partnership with TwoDadsUK, becoming the Northern & Midlands Centre of Excellence for those seeking surrogacy treatment.

Through our partnership with TwoDadsUK, we aim to enhance our current surrogacy offer and provide a more comprehensive, supportive and competitive package for surrogacy patients.

Access to TwoDadsUK’s surrogacy knowledge, resources, and support via our specialist internal surrogacy team will help our patients throughout their journey.

My Surrogacy Journey

What is My Surrogacy Journey or MSJ?

Founded by Mike and Wes of TwoDadsUK®, My Surrogacy Journey® is one of the UK’s leading surrogacy organisations. With innovative membership options for intended parents, surrogates, and known egg donors, MSJ offers extensive practical, professional, and emotional support for intended parents and surrogates alike. They are working to change the landscape of how people are supported and matched on their route to parenthood.

Our partnership with TwoDadsUK and MSJ will help us continue our incredible work, connecting, supporting, and helping intended parents through surrogacy. But also to help us work towards improvement, education and inclusion for all those who need it.

An Introduction to Mike & Wes

Learn more about founders Mike & Wes, their journey to parenthood through surrogacy, and their mission as advocates for surrogates and intended parents.

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