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Ready for Treatment?

You’ve browsed the brochure and booked a clinic visit – but what about you? Have you prepared yourself for fertility treatment?

Fertility treatment preparation means being physically ready too. Your chances of pregnancy could depend on it. Because things like your BMI and current lifestyle choices matter when it comes to your fertility and the quality of your eggs and sperm – and even whether you can actually start fertility treatment.

Fertility treatment & BMI

BMI is the biggest lifestyle factor that influences fertility treatment outcome.

If your BMI is very high, you’ll actually be prevented from starting fertility treatment with us until it’s lower.

We do treat women with a BMI between 19 up to 35. If you’re BMI is closer to 35, we’ll always aim to help you get this to 30 and below before your treatment starts.

If you’re underweight with a low BMI, you’ll also be advised to increase this to within a normal range.

We do this not to make your journey harder, but to give you the best chance of pregnancy.

Your BMI and weight not only affects your own natural fertility but how you respond to ovarian stimulation needed for treatment such as IVF and your risk of side-effects. Women with a higher or lower BMI have poorer treatment outcomes compared to women in the normal BMI range.

And it matters for men, too. A high BMI negatively affects sperm in a number of ways, making it more difficult to achieve pregnancy even through fertility treatment.

Not sure what your BMI is?

If you don’t already know your BMI, then use this simple NHS online calculator. Just enter your height, weight and age to work out your BMI and learn more about how it’s calculated.

Fertility treatment & lifestyle factors

Excessive drinking and smoking affects female and male fertility too, impacting egg quality, sperm quality and count – even the DNA of sperm.

But the good news is that small changes can make a difference. If you can stop smoking for at least three months and cut back on alcohol, you’ll be giving your fertility the chance to recover by the time your treatment starts. So you can begin your journey with the confidence that you’ve done everything you can to give yourself the best start to fertility treatment and pregnancy.

Specialist help: Fertility diet & nutrition support

If you need specialist help to reduce or raise your BMI, or just want to improve your diet, our fertility nutritionist Rosie Tadman can formulate a tailored fertility diet and nutrition plan for you both, to help you reach your health goals in preparation for fertility treatment.

More information

If you have any questions about preparing for your fertility treatment and treatment BMI limits, speak to our friendly Patient Advisors on 0161 300 2730.

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