Egg sharing

Egg sharing

Egg sharing may be an option if you are looking to reduce the costs of IVF, as well as help other couples struggling to start their families.

What's involved

If you need IVF and would like to help other women with fertility problems too, you may be able to egg share.

Egg sharing involves donating half of the eggs we collect from your IVF cycle to our egg bank, so they can help someone who is relying on donor eggs to conceive.

In return, instead of egg donor compensation, you will receive IVF treatment at a cost of £1,500.

To egg share you must have a good ovarian reserve, be aged 18-35, a non-smoker and in good health within a normal BMI range. Your application will be reviewed by one of our fertility specialists before you are accepted onto the programme.

What's involved

Egg sharing facts

IVF success

We are one of the most experienced egg sharing clinics in the UK. We focus on achieving pregnancy for both our egg sharers and donor egg recipients, using the most advanced fertility and IVF techniques.


Counselling is an essential and vital part of being an egg sharer. You will see our counsellors to make sure you understand the implications of donating eggs this way and are happy to consent, before your IVF treatment starts. 

Partner egg sharing

In a same-sex relationship? You can choose to egg share to your partner as well as our egg donor programme. It allows both of you to be physically involved in the creation and birth of your baby. 

Is egg sharing right for me?

It is important to remember that egg sharing means becoming an egg donor. We will explain all of the implications associated with donating your eggs, including the potential of future contact from a donor-conceived child.

These implications will be made clear to you by our fertility counsellors, so that you can make an informed decision about whether egg sharing is really right for you.

Guide to egg sharing
Is egg sharing right for me?

Learning Centre

Find out more about egg sharing in our Learning Centre, where you can see regularly updated blogs, FAQs, Ask the Expert and useful guides.

Learning Centre
Learning Centre

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