Talk Fertility event: Stuggling to conceive

Saturday 23rd March 2019 from 7:00pm until 9:00pm

When you are trying for a baby and it's taking longer than planned, it can really get you down. Maybe it's adding unnecessary pressure to your relationship or you're constantly fielding questions from people asking you 'When are you having a baby then?' Not knowing who to talk to or how to deal with yet another Facebook announcements of a pregnancy can be so overwhelming.

Talk Fertility is a group of like-minded people who have come together to offer you support whilst you are trying to conceive. Together, we are hosting a series of events to help you find other people who get it. We understand what you are going through as we've been there and you can talk to us, hear from fertility experts and meet others going through similar experiences - knowing you're not alone.

The event will:

  • Help you to find out what your options for treatment or what else you can do to take control of your situation
  • Help you manage your mindset and ongoing disappointment
  • Provide expert advice and support on how you can keep positive. 

Brought to you by a community of passionate fertility experts, Talk Fertility presents the ideal opportunity for you to meet others and share real life experiences, and how you can start to feel positive about your fertility journey. 

There will be a chance to discuss your journey with a leading fertility consultant and other fertility support experts, along with welcome drinks and goody bags. 

Guest speakers include:

Talk Fertility provides a place for the TTC community to meet up, talk and share experiences. The event starts at 7pm and takes place at HOME in Manchester city centre, just a short walk from Manchester Central where this years Fertility Show is held during the day.

Please note that places are limited. Guests who book will receive welcome drink and fertility-friendly hot meal along with goody bag.

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