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Who are our sperm donors? Your choice, our insight & support

31st August 2016 in Treatments

This information was correct at the time of publishing. It may not reflect our current practices, prices or regulations.

Manchester Fertility is one of the UK’s most successful donor sperm banks, But how do we find our sperm donors? And what kind of men are they?

Our sperm donors range from executive, professional men who already have a family, to single men, graduates and students. All are aged 18-41, have met strict HFEA health screening standards and are identifiable to any child you have with their help.

Most importantly, they all have the highest quality sperm that’s needed to become a sperm donor, to maximise your chances of pregnancy.

How we find our sperm donors

We have been actively recruiting our own sperm donors since 2009, to meet demand by the growing numbers of same-sex female couples, single women and couples with male factor fertility problems that we help to have a baby through donor sperm insemination and IVF.

Our emphasis and focus on donor care, combined with our transparency and communication of the sperm donation process, has led to men from all walks of life and circumstances to not only consider sperm donation, but to actively donate to us.

Choosing your sperm donor

But with such an extensive choice of sperm donors at Manchester Fertility, how do you choose your ideal sperm donor? This is where our dedicated Donation Team can help you.

Our Donation Team knows all of our sperm donors very well, through their regular visits to our clinic to donate. So although we can never give you any identifiable information about our sperm donors, we use this valuable personal insight, along with each donor’s profile, when matching you with potential sperm donors.

All of our sperm donors complete detailed personal profiles. These include their motivations for donating, their hobbies and interests, and even a personal goodwill message to any child you may have. You’ll be able to read through the profiles of sperm donors who we feel closely meet your requirements, to help you decide who may be right for you, with the support of our Donation Team at every stage.

So if you’d like to have a baby using a sperm donor, choose a Manchester Fertility sperm donor. You can start donor sperm insemination or IVF straight away with us. Make an appointment by calling 0161 300 2737 or apply online.

Last updated: 16th April 2021