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Egg Sharing

Egg SharingEgg-sharing is a way to get cheaper private IVF treatment in Manchester. Our egg-sharing programme helps those who need IVF and women who need donor eggs, of which there is an acute shortage in the UK.

If you want IVF treatment at Manchester Fertility but can’t afford private IVF and are  willing to donate some of your eggs to other infertile women, you could in return for donating your eggs receive a cycle of IVF/ICSI with us  at a subsidised rate of £520. This includes all the drugs, however you will need to pay for screening tests at £350.

The only hope of getting pregnant for some women are people like you who may consider donating some of your eggs. They may have suffered early menopause, or there may be an underlying genetic reason why they can’t use their own eggs. Or, simply, they may not be producing any eggs at all.

If you take part in our egg-sharing programme, the same rules apply as if you didn’t need IVF and just wanted to donate eggs.  You will need to fulfil certain criteria with regards to age and medical history.

Some facts you might want to know:

  • You will be entitled to find out if any children have been born as a result of your donation, including the number of children, whether they are boys or girls and the year of their birth.
  • Your donation is anonymous – you will never meet the women you are donating to.
  • Any children born through your egg donation will be able to apply for potentially-identifying information about you when they turn 18 years old. This came into force in 2005 when the law was changed.
  • You will receive full counselling from our team of trained counsellors at Manchester Fertility, who will discuss with you the full implications of being an egg donor.

You can also visit our dedicated egg and sperm donors website,, where you’ll find full details about egg donation and its implications, including FAQs. Or you can fill out this form to apply to become an egg-sharer today.