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Ask The Expert - Egg Sharing Questions

  • Prices

    I'd like to know the costs of an egg sharing cycle including any pre treatment tests/scans etc. that I or my partner may need. Thank you.

  • Timescales for egg sharing

    I would like some more information on egg sharing IVF. What is the time scale for the whole process and also roughly what is the timescale for the ivf itself? When would I need to be at the clinic? It is not easy for me to get time off work and I have to book time off fairly far in advance so I would need this information quite far in advance of me starting the process.

  • Egg sharing criteria

    I have 1 fresh cycle of IVF resulting in my son and 2 cycles with frozen embryos which both resulted in miscarriage. I am 34 and otherwise fit and healthy would I be accepted into your egg sharing programme?

  • How long does it take for a cycle of egg sharing?

    I'm going to do egg sharing in return for cheaper IVF. Can you tell me the time scale from start to finsh please?

  • Live Pregnancy Success Rate

    I am looking at doing egg sharing with yourselves in the near future but I was wondering if you could advise me on your live pregnancy success rate? This will be my third round and I am 32 (nearly 33), I recently found I have "thick blood" and was advised that on my next course of IVF with my previous hospital that I would need to have my blood thinned out when I have the embryo transferred. Wo...

  • Egg Sharing

    We started the egg sharing programme in 2013 after my wife suffered an ectopic pregnancy, which resulted in her having both tubes removed. However after the initial tests and before we started treatment we decided it was too soon after and we weren't in the right state of mind so we pulled out before a recipient for her eggs was found. We now feel like we have dealt with all our past issues and wa...

  • Wanting to egg share

    I am 29 and my BMI is 33 – I am currently reducing this on a weight loss programme. I have had two previous natural pregnancies with no problems, I have no known fertility issues and my partner and I would love a child together, and need ICSI for a chance of this to happen. I am wondering would I be accepted to egg share while losing weight? Thanks in advance.

  • What is the lowest AMH blood test result you accept for egg sharing as a donor?

    I am 35 and have an AMH of 14, assuming there were no other problems would this be acceptable to take part in egg sharing?

  • Egg Donation Success Rates/ Time Lapse Photography

    Why do the success rates for egg donors appear to be much higher than for ordinary IVF? Does MF have any plans to invest in the time lapse photography equipment which has been in the media so much recently?

  • Migraines

    I suffer from menstrual migraines and take beta blockers on a daily basis (80mg propranolol). In the 5 days before my period I also take 1mg of estradiol. I have no known fertility issues and have a regular cycle. As a couple we have male factor fertility problems. Could I egg share?

  • Egg Sharing and costs?

    I have two children, one aged 10 and one aged 18 months. For the child aged 18 months we tried for three years before conceiving. I just wondering if there's anything you can do regarding me and my partner trying for our third child because I don't want to wait that long again. If I am egilible for donating eggs will that bring the cost of the treatment down as well?

  • PCOS and have had ohss

    I have PCOS, I have two kids and my first child was concieved by clomid when I was 23 yrs old. At 27 years old I egg-shared in 2008. I conceived with my first cycle of IVF when I was 27 at that time now I'm 30. I developed OHSS when I discovered I was pregnant with my 2nd child. Can I still egg share again? What are my chances of getting pregnant now that I'm 30?

  • Egg Share after Sterilisation

    Hi Brian, I'm 33 and thinking of taking part in the Egg Share programme. My problem is I was sterilised three years ago but I have not had a period since. Would this be something that could be sorted easily or would it cause a problem for us? Thanks

  • Donor egg to older partner

    Would it be possible for me to donate my egg to my older partner? Would I then have to be part of the egg share programme for other women? And would I still be eligible for the IVF discount if the donation was solely within my family unit? Thank you.

  • Egg share

    Hi I have already done egg share before at a different clinic. Can you tell me if this service is avalible for me at this clinic? I have had both tubes removed and I have a low egg count. Thanks.

  • Fees for egg donating couples

    Hi Brian, my husband and I had ICSI treatment at St Mary's three years ago and were very lucky to have had a little boy, on our second treatment. We would like to try again, but cannot afford the fees for private ICSI treatment. Would there be any way of applying for funding towards this or would egg donation reduce the fees? My husband had testicular cancer twice so we could never get pregnant na...

  • Egg sharing with polycystic ovaries?

    Hi I am 23 with two kids and want to do the egg share scheme. I have no family history of anything and my BMI is in the healthy range. But I do have polycystic ovaries. Am I still able to do the egg share? Also what are my chances of IVF working first time? My husband's sperm is good if that helps.

  • Age limit to egg sharing?

    I am 42 and have been told that I would have to have IVF to have a baby. We wouldn't be able to afford this so we would like to do egg sharing. But I've been told that I'm over the age limit. Can you help us please?

  • PCOS and egg sharing?

    Hello Professor Brain, I'm aged 28 years old and have PCOS. We have been trying for a baby for six years, have been on Clomid but this hasn't done anything. I have been pregnant once and lost it at 15 weeks... that was over two years ago and still nothing. Would IVF be good for us? And could I still egg share if I have PCOS?

  • My BMI is 30. Does this mean I can't do the egg share programme?

    Hi, my BMI is slightly over what you would like it to be. Do I need to get it to 29 to be able to have egg share or can I still be considered for the programme?

  • Can I still egg share?

    Hello! I fit all the criteria for the egg share programme apart from my mum has breast cancer. Would this mean I would not be able to go ahead?

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