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Ask The Expert - Getting Pregnant Questions

  • Struggling to concieve

    Hi I'm 37 and have been trying to concieve for 12 months. We have seen a specialist and have had all the relevant fertility tests as has my partner and it's all normal apart from eggs. I've a medium to low reserve. Is there anything apart from IUI or IVF that I can do to try and help us concieve naturally or will we need help. Also to note my cervix is flat due to treatment for abnormal smears...

  • Secondary infertility

    I'm 40, and we've been trying for over a year to get pregnant. I had a positive ovulation test a week ago, Sunday. Then another positive on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday it was negative, but again today, Sunday, I had a jump in my temperature and another positive ovulation test. Any idea?

  • Trying to have a baby

    Me and my fiance and I are trying to have a baby but it has been a rough path. I had my period in October 24, 2018 and I started taking these fertility pills so I can get pregnant but I don't think its been working so November came around and I didn't have a period at all just real light period but it came and left the same day. So yesterday I was cramping and I also was having a light period at ...

  • Age

    How old do you have to be to get pregnant through here? As in a female has to be over what age?

  • Conceiving with bad quality eggs

    Hi there, after 2 miscarriages and a year after that of TTC, it was noted that I don't have strong ovulation. My eggs were never tested, but assume they are not good quality. I took Clomid and conceived right away and had a healthy boy. We want to try for #2 but my cycle has not returned, therefore we cannot begin Clomid. I know my ovulation has returned, but we are afraid to try naturally for fea...

  • Trying to conceive

    Hi , am 26 years, i had my first abortion in the past 10 months and ever since i have tried to conceive but no positive results, my period just come every last week of every month, and am having sex daily with my hubby, i need a baby how can i be helped?

  • The Couple MOTs

    Hi, me and my husband have been trying to conceive for around 12 months with no joy. We have a beautiful two year old and prior to having her we had a miscarriage but both times we managed to conceive within 6 months. I’m at my whits end and it’s so tough on us both. I was researching on your website and saw you offered a couples MOT I wondered if you could expand on this for us please. I have...

  • Can you realign ovulation due to partner working away?

    Hi I am wondering if it is possible in anyway to realign ovulation due to having a partner that works away? It seems that every time ovulation is due he is away. Are there any alternatives that can be perscribed to increase chances on the odd month he is home? Thanks

  • Miss macDonald

    hello I have been sterilized for over 10 years now I am 44 and in new relationship me and my partner want to have a baby what are my chances of having a reversable operation or is there any opitions

  • Chances of conceiving

    Hi there can you give us a percentage of success? We have a daughter we conceived naturally before female sterilisation. I'm 28 my partner nearly 47 diabetic and overweight. On one of my egg donations 22 eggs collected 16 fertilised. Live births have come from my donations. I do have a bicornuate uterus.

  • Sperm morphology

    My husband's sperm morphology has come back at 2%. Does this mean we are most likely to need IVF to get pregnant? We are both 30 and other aspects seem normal.

  • Conception chance

    My husband and I are trying for our 2nd. We had intercourse about 9pm last night and I took an ovulation test at 10am this morning which was positive. What would our chances of conceiving be?

  • Hi just have question

    Hello. May we ask about fertility? My wife had started her first day period last January 24th. Then we did have sex on the 31st of January (8th day). Then on the 3rd of February, she got her white mens with clear fluid. On the 6th of February, she did ovulate based on the common symptoms (again white / clear discharge, above temperature felt, little cramps). Our question, what will be our chanc...

  • Medical Condition

    I have fabriod of 4.6cm in size and i am 35 years . I have being trying to conceive for the pass 7months. I have done clomid and clomid with fostimon for about 6 cycle. Kindly recommend

  • IVF with own egg at age of 47

    If a woman is 47 and her eggs are perfect, can she get IVF without an egg donor? What is the cost?

  • Can natural conception occur day before egg retrieval

    Hi..I had unprotected sex the day before egg retrieval ans managed to have a successful IVF embryo day 5 transfer that resulted in a there any way this pregnancy could have resulted through natural conception or was it definitely achieved through the embryo transfer Thanks

  • 45 and trying to conceive

    Hi I have regular periods fit and healthy I have 9 children and I am trying for another with my new partner what are my chances naturally or could you help

  • Is it possible?

    I have high fsh and low amh, I can't remember the exact numbers. My Husband has poor motility but has show an improvement recently. An aneuploidy test showed results within a normal parameter. We've had three failed icsi cycles and most recently our 4th cycle, a miscarriage at 5.5weeks. I achieve between 7-11 eggs of which usually 85-95% are mature. Typically we see most of these fertilise and all...

  • Gap after loss

    I did IVF last year and got pregnant at first attempt. My water broke at 19 weeks and had emergency C-section at 26 weeks to deliver baby. Baby had immature lungs and after two months of NICU stay baby passed away last month. We have 5 frozen embryos with you. My question is how long we have to wait to get pregnant again? And what about the risk of having same prob again in next pregnancy? Is the...

  • IVF at 45 and sterilised

    I am a mum of 4 grown children I've been sterilised for 13 years and still have regular periods. I would very much like to have a baby with my fiancé he has no children. I would like more than anything to use my own eggs but I'm aware 45 is usally the cut off point for this so im Keen to get the ball roliing asap! Please could you tell me my options.

  • sperm morphology

    my partner and i have conceived twice in the last two years both resulting in miscarriage his sperm morphology is 2 percent and we was told that the rest of his results are good could this be a reason im not concieving and miscarrying

  • Low morphology and high fsh

    My FSH is 13 and progesterone 68. My husband's morphology is 6. Is IVF our only hope?

  • Chances of getting pregnant

    I have been married for 24 years and my age is 42. ii had one pituitary gland tumour out in 2004 and one in 2008. and I'm ok at the moment. I had one IVF in leeds on the NHS and one IUI in india but it didnt go sucessfully and i have not tried anything since. Is there any chance for me to try again and could you please advise me on what should i do. Thank you so much for your help and advice

  • Should we try IVF?

    I'm almost 39 and have a 3 year old daughter conceived naturally. Since her birth I have had 3 miscarriages and have had investigations that show I have antiphospholipid syndrome and I now take aspirin. My last miscarriage was over a year ago and we've been trying to get pregnant since with no success. Taking into account my age and medical history we are wondering if IVF would be an option for us...

  • Difference between pregnancy and live birth rates - donor eggs

    I appreciate that you only publish data on clinical, rather than chemical pregnancy rates, which is a much more accurate view. But can you give a broad indication on the delta between clinical pregnancy and live birth rates, when using donor eggs, in the over-40s (recipient) age bracket please? Is there a significant difference?

  • PCOS

    I'm 31 years old and was diagnosed with pcos at 22 years old. I'm overweight with a bmi of 42 although I'm very active and go gym 3 to 4 times a week always on the go and actually quite fit considering my size. I have been told I can't be helped with fertility from my hospital because of my size but I was wondering could you maybe help me and how much it would cost, this is my last chance in my e...

  • 41 with low ovarian reserve

    I am 41,with low ovarian reserve. What are chances for success iui with my own egg? I had one follicle of 30mm on the last iui ,maybe is a cyst,but they triggered me. What can I expect?

  • IVF

    I had my tubes tied aged 25 (I am now 42) and have one child who is 23 and my partner had a vasectomy 7 years ago, He is 46 and has 2 children. What are the chances of IVF working for us to have a child using my eggs.

  • struggling to conceive

    I have currently had two miscarriages the first I was 6 weeks 2 days and the last one was at 8 weeks. Between those time it took nearly a year to conceive. My last miscarriage was June this year. Both my partner and I have had test and the results are all okay. I've been trying ovulation kits by clearblue the dual indicator and they say I'm due to ovulate however i have not conceived yet. I'm ...

  • 43 and husband 46

    I'm 43, done all the blood tests and all shows ok. My husband has done a sperm analysis and it shows 'very viscous'. NHS and GP can't help because of my age. What options and treatments are right for us?

  • Low AMH

    I have a low AMH level of 0.51 and am 33.5 years old. I have two children that were conceived naturally after two months of marriage, the smallest child is 3.5 years old. My FSH level was 16 in my second cycle day. Is my chance of success dependent on my low AMH? Does my previous natural conception help to raise my success rate in my IVF? And does DHEA really help? The AMH tells me that my eggs ar...

  • Do I keep trying?

    I'm 42 and had a miscarriage last Dec at 10 weeks, since then I have had no pregnancy. My concern is that I ovulate 9 days from day one of my period and have a 26 day cycle regular as clockwork. Do I have any reason to be worried about why I'm not conceiving?

  • Infertility

    I’m 29 years old and my husband is 35 years old. He has a low sperm count. I’m low AMH (1.35). Can we conceive naturally?

  • Pregnancy

    Could it be possible that a 42 year old could get pregnant? I haven’t had a period in 4 years.

  • Getting pregnant

    I am 51 years old and have tried all means of getting pregnant before now but it did not happen, and I sincerely wish to have babies. Is there any chance for me at all?

  • Does your BMI affect you getting pregnant?

    I am 35 years old and my husband is 42 years old and we have been trying to get pregnant for 6months and I am 5 foot 5, weigh 210 pounds and my BMI is 34.5. I was wondering if that will affect me getting pregnant or not?

  • Pregnacy

    I was sterilised at 32 after having clips. I have children but have been with my new partner for nearly 16 years, he's 15 years younger than myself. We would love to fulfil our dream by getting pregnant. Which way would offer the best result and how much would the procedure cost in full? I know there are chances it could not work but we have been so desperate for so long. I'm 48 now and he's 33 bu...

  • 4 years no period

    Is it possible to use my own eggs for the IVF please?

  • Chance of conceiving

    I have had all the tests done and my husband and myself are fine apart from I don't ovulate regularly. I was given clomid and have been on it for a year but it hasn't worked and I've been told I now need IVF. Just wondering if I have a good chance of it working seeing as I do ovulate on clomid and am 34?

  • Trying for a baby

    I am 36 years old and my husband is 40. We both have one kid from our ex partners. We've been trying for a baby for the last 6 months but not successful. My periods are regular every month, my FHS test also showed negative and I had an ovulation test done every 11th to 15th day of the cycle which shows my ovulation is very high. We tried for a baby but unfortunately it was unsuccessful and I got m...

  • How does low AMH stop you conceiving naturally?

    I understand that low AMH means your ovarian reserve is low, but if you are still ovulating every month surely your chances of getting pregnant are the same as someone with normal ovarian reserve? Or does AMH indicate low quality eggs as well? If this is the case would a couple with low AMH who have been trying to conceive for 8 months be better to go straight to IVF or keep trying for a few more ...

  • Early menopause and getting pregnant

    I'm 45 and have been on early menopause since I was 40. I want to have a baby with my partner, is there any chance?

  • Trying for child no 3

    I have just turned 45 with an AMH of 24.5 and an FSH of 9.5. I have a 6 year old and 2 year old conceived through ICSI / IMSI and we have male factor antibody issues - I would have polycystic tendencies and produce a high no of eggs. I am thinking of doing one more cycle of IMSI – would this be sensible? And what would be the chance of achieving a pregnancy with my own eggs?

  • Do I have a chance?

    After an ever-lasting miscarriage last year aged 34 I had fertility tests and have discovered I have an FSH of 15.3 (which has subsequently gone down to 12, 10 and 9) AMH of 4.5 and Antral Follicle Count of 8. I have now turned 35 and my gynaecologist suggested going straight to donor eggs or adoption as he thinks its not worth putting myself through IVF when I don't really have a chance. However ...

  • Endometrial scratch and clomid

    I am aware having an endometrial scratch can improve chances of success with IVF, is this something you offer for women during a natural or clomid cycle?

  • Can my AMH level increase?

    Hi, my AMH level is 0.05 and I'm really upset. I married three years ago and haven't had a single conception. Can you please help?

  • Recurring chemical pregnancies

    I'm 37 and had three chemical pregnancies in a row using donor sperm. I would like to know is it possible to have an endometrial scratch done before IUI or would IVF be better to determine the quality of my eggs? My AMH level is 11.1 which I'm told is ok, all other bloods were good except I was vitamin D deficient so took three month course of tablets, but I'm still not pregnant. I would appreciat...

  • Having one or both ovaries removed, can I not use frozen eggs to get pregnant if both are removed?

    I'm almost 30 and I've been told that my left ovary will have to be removed but maybe also my right as well but this will be decided at my operation. I've been told I might be a candidate for egg harvesting, can I only get pregnant with egg freezing when I've got one ovary left? What happens if both are removed?

  • Can I get pregnant and what are my chances of getting pregnant?

    I'm 42 and have had one ovary removed, me and my partner want to try IVF. We have his sperm frozen (due to a vasectomy), is there any chance I can get pregnant?

  • Can I get pregnant naturally at my age and if not what are my chances of getting pregnant via IVF?

    I had my last child 20 years ago. My husband is 67, I am 45. We both want a child again. I saw my menses last in 2010. I have never used the pill but I have thyroid deficiency and hormonal imbalance. Can I get pregnant naturally? What are my chances?

  • Options to get pregnant

    I am 49 and have no children. I now have a partner and am very desperate to have a baby. What are my options and do I have a chance?

  • Abortion and pregnancy

    I have 3 boys and have since had 6 abortions. I am 41 years old, and my oldest child is 13. I want to have a baby girl, can I conceive and have a healthy baby at this stage?

  • Conceive a baby

    Hi, I am 39, turn 40 in April. My baby died after 27 days of her birth, in August 2014. I want to conceive again, but have not been successful after trying for 3 months. My fsh level is 8.1. Could you please suggest what I should do and if 8.1 fsh is OK to conceive a baby naturally.

  • I need to get pregnant

    I am 37 years old I have one ovary. For 6 years now I have been trying for a baby. Is it possible to have one? When I get my period I have a headache and back pain always, please help.

  • Sex shortly after progesterone pessary

    We got positive HPT yesterday, 2 weeks after embryo/blastocyst transfer.. Couldn't be more excited!! We had sex last night and I had completely forgotten I had only 20 mins earlier inserted progesterone pessary.. I'm really worried that this has damaged the embryo.. Am I overreacting??

  • Can I get pregnant if I haven't had a period for 3 years

    I lost a lot of weight over 3 years ago due to illness and I haven't had a period since, I have put most of the weight back on now but still haven't had a period. I recently got married and have been trying for a baby over the last year. Would I still be able to conceive? Can you please advise me on my possible options going forward?

  • Two follicle of 20mm but not pregnant

    I am 37 years old. I had test from NHS on the basis (whole process wasted two years) and they said it is unknown reason of fertility initially. They said my husband's results are ok. I was told AMH is low and only donor eggs will work. I had taken clomid of few months and my progesterone results were good. Meanwhile I travelled to Pakistan where I had some stimulating hormones not clomid as it was...

  • Wanting to get pregnant

    I'm 47 and didn't get a period for 13 months. I then came on, and then didn't have a period for 9 months. Can I still get pregnant?

  • Pregnancy

    I had my Filshie Clip reversal in Feb 2014. My doctor said he was very positive about me getting pregnant. Both tubes were working over 70%; one of them at 90%. Before I had the Clips inserted nine years ago I had four children and had no problem with getting pregnant. Please can you provide any advice as to how long it can take to conceive? Thank you

  • IVF endometriosis and PCOS

    I had my first round of IVF in March. We got 8 eggs. First cycle I miscarried at 4 weeks. It was one embryo. Second round was in July. I miscarried at 5 weeks. My endometriosis is grade 3. Although I have PCOS, I have regular periods and doctor says I have syndrome but no symptoms. They transferred 2 embryos. I am 39. At this stage we have 5 eggs frozen. We are both broken hearted. What would you ...

  • AMH 1.1, but this is my only poor test result. What will happen now?

    I am 38 (39 in November) and we are trying for our first child. All my tests are perfectly fine. Low FSH (about 6, from memory), Progesterone of 41. Everything else fine. Except for low AMH of 1.1. I believe I have a cyst of 1.7cm on my left ovary, but no cause for concern. I didn't listen well enough to my follicle count. I think it was 4 and 5, but I can't be sure. I was just trying not to cry a...

  • Low AMH

    I would like to ask about low AMH, I have low AMH and I can't get pregnant.

  • Can I get pregnant?

    I only have one ovary and after 6 years of TTC I got pregnant last year but lost the baby at 12 weeks & 5 days. After just having laparoscopy I have now been told that my side with the remaining ovary that the tube is blocked, and so IVF is my best option. I am 38 and have one child. Has the miscarriage caused the tube to be blocked at both ends? Sorry I need help as I cannot get past the loss. I ...

  • Best chance of conception

    I am interested in IVF at your clinic. I would like to know what else I can ask them to do as I have been reading on here about Endometrial Scratch, Assisted Hatching, Blastocyst, Dhea...I would like to give myself every chance of conception but need to know everything that does that before I have IVF. I have no working tubes by the way and am under 38.

  • Trying to get pregnant

    I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 years, I have PCOS, I am trying for my second child, last time before I got pregnant, I had been trying for a year but was not having any luck, even booked into a fertility centre in Wallsal, had my tests done, was told due to my BMI 34.5, I couldn't get treatment from them, exactly two weeks later found out that I was expecting, now I have a BMI of 31.4, w...

  • BMI and clomid

    I suffer from PCOS and am desperately trying to lose weight. What is the BMI limit to be allowed clomid? Also what monitoring takes place whilst on clomid, e.g. scan or blood tests? What are the side effects of taking clomid? Many thanks.

  • Low AMH - to keep trying naturally or resort to IVF?

    Hi - I am 38 yrs old and have been trying to conceive for 7 months. I was recently found to have a low AMH (3.1 pmol/l). My FSH on day 5 was 9.8 (LH=10.1). My husband's semen analysis was normal. We have seen a fertility specialist who said that the chance of natural pregnancy was "not improbable" - but no actual figures were quoted. Following this advice my husband feels we should keep trying nat...

  • Coq10 and DHEA

    We have read conflicting reports about Coq10, DHEA & wheat germ supplementation, with some Ob/Gyns dismissing it outright. Are there some links to standards based studies validating the same? I am 37 with 2 missed abortions and do not want to take any chance with the next one!

  • TTC using Clomid?

    Hi there. My doctor prescribed me 100mg of Clomid. I'm on my first cycle but two weeks late on my period and not pregnant what could this mean? That the medication hasn't made me ovulate?

  • 16 months trying for baby # 2

    Hi me and my husband have been trying for second baby for 16 months now, I am 34 nearly 35! We have had various tests including hsg, day 3 bloods, , day 21, amh and husbands sperm analysis. All tests we have been told are ok, husbands sperm above average and I have clear tubes and ovulate on cycle day 14 out of 29 day cycle. My fsh is 6 which is good I believe but my amh was only 9 pmols which is...

  • Miscarriage risk BMI

    If my bmi is 38.5 am I at high risk of miscarrying?

  • Ovulating with no luck

    We have a 23 month old that was conceived after roughly 3years of trying we haven't used anything since our son being born and been really trying for the last 5 months I have bought pregnancy aids and been trying on my fertile dates what do you suggest?

  • Endometrial Scratching

    Thank you for this opportunity to contact you. I have a history of marginal placenta previa with a C-section, and now doctors are quite hesitant to advise another pregnancy due to increased risks. Do you believe that the endometrial scratching procedure could encourage the embryo to implant in the correct segment of the uterus rather than migrate to the lower segment? Have their been patients...

  • IUI timing

    I've had four cycles of IUI (natural cycle, with donor sperm), two each at different clinics due to moving within the last two years. I'm thinking of trying again, but I was anxious because each clinic gave me conflicting advice, and though I followed each set of instructions meticulously, it did make me question the precision of timing, with the result that I don't know which is best. One clinic ...

  • Unexplained Infertility

    My partner and I conveived our son 4 years ago within about 4 months of trying. It then took 2 years to get pregnant again but I miscarried at 8 weeks. We have been trying again for 7 months with no success. I had chlamidia approx 10 years ago which was diagnosed within a few weeks - could this now be having an effect on my fertility? What would you suggest as next steps?

  • Low ovarian reserve

    Hi I have been through a failed cycle of IVF and cannot afford to pay for any more. My FSH is 8.1 and AMH is 7.2, I have been told I have a low ovarian reserve, I am desperately trying to do something about this and conceive naturally. I have heard about DHEA, could you tell me if I'm safe to take this or if there is anything else I could try in order to conceive naturally with a low ovarian reser...

  • pregnancy with low AMH

    I have 2 babies and would like another. My doctors told me about my low AMH. Should I try again?

  • Medical question - diabetes

    I'm a 31 year old woman, and am in a comitted same sex relationship (7yrs civil partnered). we are thinking of starting a family, i have diabetes, and was wondering if you offer services to diabetic women?

  • Azoospermia after having children

    My husband just found out he has azoospermia. We've been tryin to concieve for 14 months so i said you need a test. He has 2 kids previously and i have 2 kids, how is this possible?

  • Assisted conception

    I am 36 years old and my husband 37 years. We have been told that my husband has got poor sperm quality but I am ovulating good. Our gynaecologist suggested that we definetly need assisted conception but as we already have a 6 year old child, we are not eligible for NHS funding. He also mentioned that Trafford PCT sometimes give funding for one cycle but I'm not sure if this is the case. Do you ha...

  • Low AMH but normal FSH?

    I am 35 years old and I have two children, one is 19 years old and one is 19 months old. I conceived both naturally. This time round we have been trying for a year but no success yet, I have charted and used OPK sticks and both indicate I ovulate monthly. However after receiving my low AMH result the doctor I received them from stated we should go straight for IVF with a three month course of DHE...

  • Pregnancy and bleeding

    My partner and I have already got a 2 and a half year old but we have been trying to get pregnant for a year and it's not happening. When I was pregnant I kept bleeding. Do you think that could have anything to do with me not getting pregnant?

  • Getting pregnant and home ovulation tests

    Hello, myself and my partner are 21 and have been trying to get pregnant now for around 5 months with no success. I have recently took ovulation tests at home when calculated that I was supposed to be ovulating however the home tests have shown up as negative and that I wasn't ovulating. Could this be a problem? Where would we go from here? Thanks, Sarah

  • Can I get pregnant naturally?

    I'm 29 years old, I have Rt hydrosalpinx and AMH value 1.3. My husband report is normal. Our doctor suggests IVF and tubal clipping, as both tubes were open before eight month ago. Our doctor says that I've not got much time left and that I should proceed with IVF as soon as possible. Please can you help? Isn't it possible for me to get pregnant naturally?

  • Depo injection

    At 41 years old I understand the odds of getting pregnant are slim and I have always had irregular periods. I came off the depo injection three months ago after a year and last month had a light period but nothing since. Is there anything I can do to get them started again as my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I have three children from my first marriage and didn't have any problems gett...

  • Low Ovarian Reserve

    Hello, I'm 34 and have gone through two cancelled and two failed IVF cycles. I did not get stimulated enough on Lupron flare and Antagonist protocols. My RE tried 2 mini-IVF cyles with Clomid. But that failed too. Apart from LOR, I'm quite healthy with no health issues. We started IVF due to male factor. Would you recommend I move on to donor egg right away or keep trying with my own. Thank you! ...

  • Pregnancy test variations

    Hi, I have gone for an IUI on 19 sep, and have been taking pro 9 200 mg twice a day vaginally since 20th sep, I have also been given HCG injection on 20th, 23rd & 26th sep. I have taken home pregnancy test on 28th sep, initially it was negative, but after few minutes a faded but quite visible line appeared. Again on 1st October, I took the test, after 10 mins or so there was a very faint line and ...

  • Test all fine and normal

    My husband and I have been ttc for 2 years all my bloods have come back fine, I had HSG and all was fine, my husband sperm is fine, infact he as told he has more then average! I was told a few months back that they did not want to give me clomid as Im showing iam ovulating (also done home tests which verify this) and the risk of multi pregnancies, Im not sure where to go from here and what kind of...

  • Can I get her pregnant

    Hi my name is Lorance I was wondering if I get my sperm frozen will I be able to put them in my girlfriend

  • Low AMH and don't think I'm ovulating

    Hi there I'm 27 with an AMH of 8.6 - have been testing ovulation with ClearBlue sticks and don't appear to have ovulated on my last period (I've only been checking this last month) - I always have a period but they're generally 4-5.5 weeks apart so are quite irregular. Had FSH/LH tests and these are within normal range (but I didn't test on any specific day of cycle). I know you will need to kno...

  • Progesterone Test

    Hi there, I'm not sure if I'm ovulating or not - I have heard of Day 21 Progesterone test but wanted to check whether it should always be on day 21, even if you don't have a 28 day cycle? Or should it be 7 days before your next period? If you have irregular cycles then what's the best thing to do?

  • Low progesterone

    I've been trying to conceive for 18 months. I have a 2 year old daughter and it took 16 months to get pregnant with her. The doctor has done some blood tests which have highlighted that my progesteron is consistently low every month - I did ovulation tests and they seemed to show that I wasn't ovulating. The doctor initially prescribled me metformin but following a RTA I have been put on propranal...

  • Only IVF or natural method still possible?

    Hello there, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for nearly two and a half years. I am 29 years old and my husband 34 years old. We had all our preliminary tests done including hormonal analysis, hysterosalpingogram for myself and both were normal. As part of infertility test my husband's semen analysis was done and sperm count, morphology of sperm, motility of sperm everything said norm...

  • Getting Pregnant Second Time Around

    Hi, my husband and I have been trying for a second child for a couple of years now (our first is now three conceived naturally) without success. I have been prescribed clomiphene but nearing six months now and will have to consider the next step - IUI privately as we are both 42. My husband has borderline low fertility and I have ovulation problems. What can I do to speed things up? Should I just...

  • Chances of natural conception

    Dear Brian, my husband and I have recently started on the infertility service pathway after trying to become pregnant for about 12 months (I'm 35 and my husband is 34). My husband has given two semen samples and both analyses have reported 1% morphology. One of the samples also showed low motility but the other one was normal. I have had blood tests, an ultrasound and an HSG scan which have all be...

  • Is it just bad luck?

    My husband and I have had 3 cycles of IVF(ICSI) with supposedly good quality embryos replaced each time ( 8-10 cell at day 3) and spare ones to freeze which have later survived the thaw and been replaced. Hysteroscopy investigation showed everything normal, I have always responded well to stimulation drugs and no problems with the size of my lining. Can it just be bad luck and which further tr...

  • FSH Day 3

    I have been asked by my consultant to bring blood test results for FSH and oestradiol levels on day two or three but my cycle always starts on a Friday and my doctor's surgery closes over the weekend so would blood tests on day four be ok?

  • Getting pregnant

    Dear Dr Brain, I'm 41 years old with irregular cycle, every two months. I had past history of faliure of induction with clomophine tablets when I was 39 years old. Do I need to use contraceptive method or not, as I do not want more kids now. Many Thanks.

  • Lining problems?

    Hi, what if I have lining problems and can not get over 6mm? Is there any drug to grow lining to inbed embryos?

  • Pregnancy Rates in IVF

    Dear Professor Brian, could you please explain what is meant by embryo transfer & blastocyst transfer? And the rates of pregnancies associated with them? Many thanks for your help.

  • Will IVF work for me?

    My eggs are no good but will I be able to have ivf using my own eggs?

  • Future pregnancy?

    I had IVF treatment at MFS in 2009 and I have a 19 month old baby boy. In october 2011 I became pregnant naturally but after 11 weeks I had a miscarriage. The baby's growth stopped in 9 weeks. Now I'm worried about what we will do to achieve a future pregnancy. Please guide me thanks, waiting for your reply.

  • Low progesterone on clomid....what next?

    Advice please... I'm 30, diagnosed with mild endometriosis and failed to concieve after 9 months - I had only 3 temp shifts on charting and egg on clearblue monitor, with luteal phases of 11dpo. I was started on 50mg clomid for 3 months and day 21 progesterones were 27 month 1 and 2 but had egg on monitor every month with 11dpo luteal phase. I was told this was borderline for ovulation and started...

  • Obesity and the chances of becoming pregnant

    I have just been reading your page on obesity and the chances of becoming pregnant - in which it explains that the chances of becoming pregnant are reduced due to the extra weight, I am about to start IVF at MFS and have been informed that my weight will not have an effect on the success of the treatment, I have a BMI of 31 and am just under 15 stone - which information is correct? Thank you.

  • Getting pregnant

    I am in my thirties with an andromist in my uterus but I would love to get pregnant by artificial insemination with an anomimous sperm donor. I don't know the cost or how many treatments I would have to get. I need to know so I can save the money or use what I have got. Thank you for your discretions and your help. Laurna

  • How long before I get pregnant?

    Hello. I'm now 40 and thinking of having a baby. I've always got pregnant before easily, but I'm wondering how long I have to naturally get pregnant. Thanks

  • Need help with getting pregnant?

    We’ve been trying for a baby without success, I think we need help getting pregnant. What should I do now?

  • Conceiving naturally?

    Is there a way I can improve our chances of conceiving naturally? We've been trying for quite some time and I'd love to know if there's anything else we could be doing...

  • Nothing has happened

    We have been trying now for over a year and nothing has happened. I have very regular periods and when I do ovulation tests they come back positive, but my progesterone blood tests are always less than zero. Could it be that ovulation tests can work and you still don't ovulate even with a regular cycle?

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