Three unsuccessful cycles.

Hi, myself and my husband have just discovered that our third round of ICSI has resulted in a negative PDT and we are wondering what to do next, we are considering changing clinics.

I’m 36 and husband 34. We had a spontaneous pregnancy 6 months after getting married and then unfortunately had an early miscarriage. Following that we’re unable to conceive. Regular menstrual cycle/ AMH 12.75, FSH 8.9. Sperm sample has moderately reduced count and motility. Advised for ICSI

Cycle 1 - 300 units merional/ cetrotide/ Gonasi trigger 5000 units.
11 eggs/ 10 mature/ 8 fertilised with ICSI
1 blastocyst ET on day (3BC)
Nothing good enough to freeze (2 x 4CC)
Negative pregnancy test

Cycle 2
Endometrial scratch. Merional 300 units
9 eggs, all mature
8 fertilised with IMSI
2 x CM on day 5 implanted
Nothing to freeze

Cycle 3
DHEA 25mg TDS for three months
Testosterone gel 5mg for two months
Endometrial scratch
Gonal-F 300 units/ Cetrotide/ Gonasi trigger
10 eggs, 7 mature, 6 fertilised
1 x 3bc and a expanding morula/ almost blastocyst.
2 x embryos transferred
Cyclogest and SC progesterone
Negative PDT
Nothing to freeze.

Many thanks

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We are sorry to hear about your situation. We would highly recommend that you see a fertility docotr for a consutlation where it discussions would surround investigations focussing on implantation (uterine factor) and sperm DNA fragmentation. A conversation about pre-genetic screening (PGS) could also take place but none of these would unfortunately provide an absolute answer to improve success.