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Low AMH (0.5) - Diminished Ovarian Reserves

Hi, I have an FSH of anything from 3.5 to 13 with an AMH of 0.5. I am 31 yrs old and have regular periods (28 day cycle). My husband's sperm is all normal. On my last IVF cycle - Short Antagonish 450iu Menopur (NHS Clinic) I managed to grow 3 follicles and at Egg collection got 2 mature eggs which didnt fertilise due to thick outer egg shell (the sperm did bond though). NHS have said they will do another cycle with ICSI in hope they get a 'better' egg. However, other clinics I have spoken to have mentioned pre-IVF treatment with DHEA and another treatment called Oestrogen Priming. NHS say if ICSI doesnt work to forget the rest of my free cycles and give up and go for egg donor whereas private clinics say its possible to conceive with my own eggs with different treatment and it is too soon to consider donor eggs. Please can you (a) tell me your opinions and (b) tell me if MFS offers these services for poor responders like myself?? Thank you in advance.

Our Expert's Answer

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I would agree with the clinic that suggested pre-IVF treatment using DHEA or Oestrogen Priming.  Both these treatments are available at Manchester Fertility and used in the treatment of poor responders.