IUI treatment

I am 28 years of age, I weigh 14 stone with a BMI of 33. I have had a HSG which was normal and have had full bloods which revealed FSH 7.9, restorone 1.2, oestradol 160, proqaterone 31 (hope you know what these mean though I'm told they're good!) and my smear test was normal also. I have been trying to conceive previously for 12 months then stopped. I am now preparing for IUI treatment and am told there is no problem with my ovulation. Are my chances of being successful with IUI high? Also, I have lost 3 stone since December and exercise regularly now. I've another 2 stone to lose before my BMI can get to 28.

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It is difficult advise you on your chances of success with IUI treatment without more information on your medical history. Your Doctor should be able to provide you with these success rates. I assume your partner has also had a semen analysis as this is important to know that this is optimal before proceeding IUI. You are doing a fantastic job losing weight.  Keep up the good work.