Fresh IVF fail

Hi, im a 29 year old female with pcos which leads to irregular periods. My husband has azoospermia so we are using a donor. We have just completed our first Ivf fresh cycle which ended in a negative result despite having a good day 5 blast and the doctor saying everything looked great on transfer day, there was a little fluid in the utures but I had no ohss symptoms. We have 5 frozen embryos from the same cycle but I am afraid that I have more implantation issues because the previous transfer didn't work am I best to try the fet cycle or will they all end in a negative result since they transferred one of the best ones already?

Our Expert's Answer

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Please do not worry. It is great to have so many good embryos from one cycle, it suggests good egg quality. But it's important to note that not all of these embryos are good enough to implant as on avergae, around one third would be chromosomally abnormal.

Frozen embryo transfer (FET) seems to be the best chance for these embryos as the ovarian stimulation is not affecting the uterus.

At Manchester Fertility we would recommend you consider the following options:

  1. Endometrial scratch – after two failed transfers, proven to improve implantation rate.
  2. Metformin – proven to optimise hormonal environment for PCOS patients so to improve ongoing pregnancy rate.
  3. Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) – to biopsy the embryos and choose chromosomally normal only. This way lots of time, frustration and mistreatment can be saved.
  4. Endometrium receptivity analysis (ERA) – advanced uterus biopsy test to identify right implantation window for embryo transfer timing. Around 25% of patients needs embryo replaced at different time than thought.

Please ask your clinic about these options or feel free to speak to us on 0845 268 2244.