Estrogen support after embryo transfer

I have had two IVF treatments in the last 18 months and in both cases have not got near the test date before a period has arrived in full. I was taking cyclogest in one cycle and gestone in another. Is there any proven value in estrogen supplementation following embryo transfer in addition? I am wary of attempting any further cycles if I can't be more sure of giving embryos a chance to implant.
My last cycle (short) produced a handful of good quality day 3 embryos and I have PCO features but no syndrome.

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After two failed embryo transfers I would advise you to have your thyrid function checked and have a detailed ultrasound scan to rule out any uterine problems. I would also suggest that before you have another cycle you have an endometrial scratch. There is no evidence that estrogen theray has any value in luteal support and therefore is not recommended.