Can number of eggs extracted be improved?

Im 38 and we underwent ICSI earlier this year which lead to 5 eggs, 4 mature, 1 embryo and a pregnancy that ended at 17wks, which was devastating. We are now considering another round of ICSI, but with FSH 9, AMH 18.7 and AFC 12 I think the total number of eggs retrieved seems low. I was given Suprcur 1mg, Meopur 75x3 amps and Pregnyl 10,000iu. Do you think the number of eggs retrieved in a future round of ICSI could be improved?

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We are very sorry to hear your loss. It must have been a really devastating experience to loose the pregnancy at such an advanced stage.

We would agree with you: all the measurements predicted a better response. It is certainly worthwhile to increase the dose of Menopur to 4 or even to 6 ampoules (300 or 450 U).

Recent reviews suggests the beneficial effect of dehydro-epiandosterone (DHEA) food supplements for poor responders. It may improve egg quality and reduce the risk of chromosomal abnormalities. The recommended dose is 25mg 3 times a day, for 2-3 months prior fertility treatment.

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