Endo scratch

I've been tic for two years with four failed IVF cycles. After the last one, I had a number of tests just to ascertain why. Came up with hyperthyroidism and began treatment on 5mg Carbimazole. I've always had a regular period but my last period didn't come and no pregnancy symptoms. Did several hpt and they were negative. Went to hospital on June 11. Did blood test and scan and all negative. June 12, I did endo scratch in prep for next cycle. I heard the doc whisper after the scratch that the lining he brought out seemed like I was pregnant. When I asked, he said perhaps it was just a very thick lining. Should I be worried?

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You should not worry. Your blood test and scan were negative and these are conclusive that you were not pregnant. Your lining will have got thicker as there was a delay in your period so there was more time for the endometrium to build-up.