Female same sex relationship

Me and my partner are looking into having a baby but we're not sure which route to take. We want our child to be apart of both of us. How would we go about using my eggs and my partner carrying the child. How much would that cost? Thankyou

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It is certainly a possibility, the procedure is called Partner (or reciprocal) IVF. This would involve one of you being stimulated as in IVF treatment and the collected egg would be donated to your partner. The donated eggs would be fertilised using donor sperm and the created embryo would be replaced into the hormonally prepared uterus.

This is a very popular treatment option with very good pregnancy rates. It is best to start with a fertility assessment (ultrasound scan, blood test) to see what the best option and likely success rate would be. Sometimes, despite a similar age, quite different egg reserves or affected uterus is found where the treatment plan may need change. We are here to offer you thorough counselling to support your decision and can also discuss donor sperm use.

For patients below the age of 35 years, our egg share program is also available when someone donates half of the collected eggs, as an egg donor, and receives treatment at a reduced price.

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