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Meet the Clinic Teams Supporting you in 2020

27th December 2019 in Advice, General, Treatments

Manchester fertility team


Are you getting ready to start, or considering, fertility treatment with us in the New Year? 


We’re one of the UK’s most experienced IVF clinics, with over 30 years of helping to create families. We’d like to introduce you to our team of experts, so you can get to know more about all the people who’ll be helping you on your journey in 2020. 


We all work together for your best chance of success and a stress-free, supported and positive fertility journey. 


Fertility Consultant Team


“The loveliest consultant, informative and kind”, “true empathy” and “couldn’t have hoped for a better doctor” are just some of the great things our patients say about our friendly and supportive team. 


Our consultants are some of the UK’s leading fertility experts. They not only specialise in reproductive health, fertility issues, and treatments but have a deep understanding of the emotions that come with needing help to have a baby, providing you with genuine care, compassion, reassurance and a journey that’s planned together with you.


Specialist areas of expertise in our team include male fertility, miscarriage, and gynaecological issues - so whatever your circumstances or fertility diagnosis, we have a consultant to help. Meet our team of doctors here.


New Patient Co-ordinator Team


Our New Patient Co-ordinators are the very first people you meet or speak to when you’re making a treatment enquiry.


Meet Francine Shaw our New Patient Manager who leads her team to help get your journey off to a great start. Friendly, approachable and eager to help, our New Patient team are here to give you all the information you need – whether it’s information about treatment types , funding packages or the range of patient support services we have available for you. You can call the team on 0161 300 2737 to help get you started.


In-Patient Team


Our In-Patient Team are there to support you when you are in treatment. Our In-Patient Team is headed by Hayley Cuthbert, one of our most experienced patient advisors, who also runs our Patient Support group. 


Once in treatment with us, you will also have the added support of our very own Patient App, for all your questions and access to all your documents at all times. 


Dedicated Egg & Sperm Donation Team


Liz Johnson is our Donor Team Manager and is passionate about providing excellent customer service, she has worked in private health care for many years. 


Liz and her team will support you from your initial appointments right through to successful treatment and beyond, providing a first-class patient experience for IVF treatments with donor eggs or donor sperm.


Fertility Nursing, Ultrasonography and Midwifery Teams


You’ll enjoy a special and close relationship with our nursing team when you start treatment – personal care is their speciality, that’s focused on you and your needs, so you’re always supported and reassured. 


They’ll teach you everything you need to know about your fertility medications, perform blood and screening tests, consult with doctors on your behalf and will take care of you after any treatment procedures. 


Our Fertility Nurse team leader is Sister Samantha Potts. She’s been supporting our patients through treatment for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in fertility and women’s healthcare.


Our ultrasonography team performs any scans you need pre-treatment and your confirmation pregnancy scan at the end of treatment. Ultrasound scans help us to accurately assess your fertility, so we can tailor the most appropriate treatment for you.


And we also have our own midwifery team. Our midwives are there to personally support you during what many say is the most anxious time of treatment – the wait before your pregnancy test! Providing essential reassurance and care, they can answer all your questions about pregnancy symptoms and signs and put your mind at rest.


Our midwives also support you during and after your very first pregnancy scan at our clinic, and talk you through what happens next, providing early pregnancy advice and help.


Embryology team


Our state-of-the-art IVF laboratory is where all the science happens! Our lab is where our experienced and highly-trained Embryology and Andrology teams join eggs and sperm together and identify the best quality embryos to transfer.


They are there at the very start of life, using their expertise to maximise your chances of pregnancy through the very latest techniques and technologies,


Our teams also ensure our laboratory provides exactly the right environment to develop and nurture your embryos. Our laboratory team is led by Claire Kay, who has almost 15 years of expertise creating many happy Manchester Fertility families.


Come and meet our team – book a free 1-2-1


Why not come and meet our team through a free 1-2-1? It’s a non-medical appointment where you can explore treatment with us, tour our clinic and get to know a little bit more about our personal approach to your fertility care. 


Book your 1-2-1 online here or call our New Patient Co-ordinators on 0161 300 2737.


Last updated: 27th December 2019