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Posts written by Karen Arnold

  1. 21 Aug 2018

    Where to Get IVF Support

    Posted: 21 August 2018 Where to Get IVF Support

    Knowing you’re not alone can make a big difference when you’re going through IVF and fertility treatment. Here’s where you can get the IVF support you need, to help you through the ups and downs of your fertility journey:

    Clinic counsellors

    Manchester Fertility counsellors are a great source of compassionate support and professional, impartial help. Highly experienced in helping couples at every stage of treatment, they are ready to listen whenever you need to talk.

    Patient ...

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  2. 07 Aug 2018

    Quick Guide to IVF Medications

    Posted: 07 August 2018 Quick Guide to IVF Medications

    What medications are used in IVF? In a typical IVF cycle, a few different fertility drugs are used of which there are many different brand names. Here’s a quick guide to what these drugs actually are, how they are administered and what they do:

    Oral contraceptives

    It may seem strange to start IVF by taking oral contraception, but this may be initially used to help us regulate and control your cycle.

    Down regulation drugs (such as Cetrotide, Buserelin)

    To get the multiple mature eggs we...

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