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Your best chance of pregnancy: New partnership with Manchester Fertility

Do you want to include the very latest fertility treatment technologies and techniques in your cycle? 

Come to Manchester Fertility - we’re now opening our doors to Yorkshire Fertility patients. 

Through a new partnership designed to increase your chances of pregnancy, you can choose to travel to our state-of-the-art clinic in Cheshire to benefit from our innovations and expertise for the most crucial parts of your treatment cycle. 

About Manchester Fertility

We’re one of the UK’s most reputed and successful private fertility clinics. A pioneer of private IVF in the North, we’ve been helping people to become parents for over 30 years.

Through a combination of the latest scientific advances and a patient-focused personalised approach, we’ve welcomed over 5,000 babies to date.

We offer a full range of fertility treatments including IVF, ICSI, IUI and treatment with UK donor sperm and eggs from our own donor banks, with no waiting list. Our clinic is easily accessible, just a mile off the M60 ringroad motorway.

Benefits for Yorkshire Fertility patients

As a Yorkshire Fertility patient, you’ll come to us for the parts of your treatment cycle that require a HFEA licence, such as egg collection, embryo development and embryo transfer, which will all be carried out as day-case procedures.

The rest of your treatment – such as follow-up consultations or pregnancy scans - will be carried out at Yorkshire Fertility.  

Innovations available to you at Manchester Fertility include:

  • Development and culture of your embryos and first-class care of your sperm and eggs in our custom-designed laboratory
  • Advanced embryo selection through EmbryoScope incubators: Timelapse video analysis of embryo development to identify which of your embryos have the highest potential for pregnancy
  • EmbryoGlue for your embryo transfer: A special solution that helps your embryo to adhere to your uterus to help implantation
  • The considerable expertise of our Laboratory team in preparing your sperm and eggs for fertilisation, including Electronic Witnessing – our track-and-trace system for your eggs, embryos and sperm
  • Advanced development to Blastocyst stage for any suitable embryos

Yorkshire Fertility continuous care

As you’ll only travel to Manchester Fertility for specific parts of your treatment cycle, you’ll remain under the care of your Yorkshire Fertility consultant at all times, giving you the reassurance of continuous care.

Personal support from the Manchester Fertility team

You’ll also benefit from the personal care and support of the Manchester Fertility team, including specialist fertility nurses and staff dedicated to you and your needs during your time with us.

Dual clinic expertise

Most of the costs associated with having some of your treatment at Manchester Fertility will usually be included in your Yorkshire Fertility fees. If when attending our clinic it is decided on the day that you require ICSI rather than IVF, if you agree to this then Yorkshire Fertility will write to you explaining you would need to fund the difference. However any treatment extras you may want such as egg freezing or Embryoscope will be charged by Manchester Fertility.

Secure your treatment at Manchester Fertility

To choose to go to Manchester Fertility as part of your treatment cycle, contact Yorkshire Fertility on 01422 224 478.

You can also learn more about Manchester Fertility, our approach and why so many people trust our team to give them a baby.

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