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Our Satellite Clinics

Cheshire FertilityFor the convenience of our patients and to give people wider access to our fertility expertise and range of treatments, we have satellite fertility clinics set-up with selected providers.

The advantage of attending our satellite clinic is that all your initial treatment investigations and scans are done locally to you. You only travel to us, to our private clinic in Cheadle, for any parts of your treatment needing HFEA-licence.

Currently we have a Macclesfield satellite fertility clinic, Cheshire Fertility Centre at the Macclesfield Health Hub. This may be a good option for you if you are travelling from East Cheshire, from areas such as Congleton, Knutsford or Holmes Chapel – or even from further afield from Derbyshire or Staffordshire.

Cheshire Fertility Centre has an extensive team of experienced consultants whose specialities include:

  • Infertility
  • Assisted Conception
  • Comprehensive Male Fertility Surgery including Surgical Sperm Retrieval
  • Comprehensive Female Fertility Surgery Services including Advanced Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic Surgical Services
  • Recurrent Implantation Failure Investigation and Treatment
  • Recurrent Miscarriage Investigation and Treatment
  • Endometriosis

The consultants are:

  • Mr Edmond Edi-Osagie
  • Dr Yasmin Sajjad
  • Dr Kingshuk Majumder
  • Dr Sreebala Sripada

You will see a consultant or nurse at Cheshire Fertility Centre for:

  • Initial fertility investigations
  • Fertility consultation and treatment plan
  • Obtaining fertility drugs for stimulation and guidance to self-inject
  • Monitoring and scans following stimulation to check your ovarian response
  • Details of when you will be ready for your egg collection.

You will then be referred to us at Manchester Fertility for the parts of your treatment which are HFEA-licensed, including:

  • Your egg collection – this is carried out as a day-case procedure
  • Fertilisation of your eggs using either your partner’s or a donor’s sperm – transfer of any embryo(s)
  • Treatment involving donor eggs – you are using the eggs of a donor or you wish to egg-share and donate half of your eggs to help other women
  • Egg or sperm freezing if needed.

You will be under the care of Cheshire Fertility Centre throughout your treatment, including for any pregnancy scans following treatment or for follow-up with your consultant if your treatment isn’t successful. You can also speak to their team at any time if you’re concerned or have any worries.

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Words can’t express how grateful we are to our wonderful and amazing egg donor and the staff at Manchester Fertility.

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