Partner Clinics

Partner Clinics

For convenience and to give people wider access to our fertility expertise and range of treatments, we work with a number of satellite clinics.

All your initial treatment investigations, treatment planning and scans will be carried out at the satellite fertility clinic that is local to you, by their own experienced teams.

You will only travel to Manchester Fertility for the parts of your treatment needing a HFEA licence, such as egg collection and embryo transfer.

Our satellite partners include:

  • Aurora Healthcare, Macclesfield
  • Fertility Fusion, Lancashire
  • Saint Mary’s Hospital, Manchester
  • Yorkshire Fertility, Yorkshire 
  • Apricity, London.

Continuity of care

You will be under the care of our satellite partner clinic and its consultants throughout your treatment. 

When you come to Manchester Fertility for parts of your cycle, you will be personally supported by our team during your time with us.

Our Clinic
Continuity of care

What happens at your satellite clinic

You will see a consultant or nurse at your satellite clinic for:

  • Initial fertility investigations
  • Fertility consultation and treatment plan
  • Obtaining fertility drugs for stimulation and guidance to self-inject
  • Monitoring and scans following stimulation to check your ovarian response
  • Details of when you will be ready for your egg collection.
What happens at your satellite clinic

What happens at Manchester Fertility

Manchester Fertility will carry out the HFEA-licensed elements of your treatment, including:

  • Your egg collection – this is carried out as a day-case procedure
  • Fertilisation of your eggs using either partner sperm or donor sperm
  • Embryo transfer
  • Treatment involving donor eggs
  • Egg or sperm freezing
What happens at Manchester Fertility